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Tonight (10 p.m. my time) there had been the FIRST!!! y2k discussion in one of the popular channels (named ARD or the first channel). Participants were Professor Karl Brunnstein, an well known IT sepecialist (He is the owner/CEO of an Germanwide operating computer-back-up-plant for banks, hospitals etc). He is something like a 5-7 on our scale. He has his own y2k related internet sites (links at the bottom).

On the other side had been the y2k secretary of the secretary for internal affairs Brigitte Zypries (once called on Paul Nellen sites which I published today in another treat as "She has to be remidiated)

First moderaters explained the supply chain on an example with bananas imported from South America. Last sentence had been: "Enjoy your last banana in 1999 - it MIGHT be the last one for a long time.

Next topic was about power supplies where they stated that AOK. A manager of Cologne Supplies (> 1,2 mill people are served with water, gas & power) was asked, how much money he would bet on a non-event in total Germany's power supplies. His answer was blablablablabla.

In the next session, a US nuclear weapon expert John Pike stated, that all Russian (incl nuclear) weapon systems haven't never been audited. Therefore he is questioning the security of these systems very seriously.

Next Brigitte Zypries said in view of supply chains (while her jurisdication and project management skills had been pointed on) that all G8 states have agreed on contingency plans while asuring all other to be y2k ready. <<<<< She stated as well that , due to contingency, most police stuff on duty during 12/31/99 to 01/03/00? is planed to be trippeled!!!!!!!!

Her last sentence: "All is o.k. and nothing will happen according to the information reported to me from industry and other organizations."

<<<<< In spring we sill see >>>>>>

-- Rainbow (, December 15, 1999


Thanks for the update Rainbow. Danke fuer die Nachrichten.

I personally think that the situation in Germany is going to heat up rather quickly. A TON of things are happening over the last week. People are starting to take notice. It is WAY to late for anything substantial to happen but it might do some good.

-- STFrancis (, December 15, 1999.

Rainbow, is the German government talking about the real y2k issues?

Is the German government using the spin method like President Clinton?

-- snooze button (, December 16, 1999.

Snooze button,

according to what I heard from Austria, Switzerland and Germany all the .gov messages are more or less the same as in the US.

Only difference: Kosky is asking the Americans to prepare for a 3 day winterstorm while Germany's .gov is telling us to NOT PREPARE!!!

We will see in spring

-- Rainbow (, December 16, 1999.

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