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Can we keep the ethanol fuel from gas station for a longer time than gasoline ? Can we use it in a chain-saw ?

-- Nasseri (, December 15, 1999


I used to fly ultralights, and the guys that taught me said to never use ethanol in those 2-cycle snowmobile machine engines we used if you wanted to stay in the air. Screws up the carb. Expect the same would be true for chain saws.

-- (, December 15, 1999.

According to our local Stihl dealer (he also fixes them), never use ethanol gas in 2-cycle engines--it damages the carburator. I once put ethanol gas in our old tractor (a Farmall-M) and after a couple of days the carb started leaking gas everywhere. We had to have the carb rebuilt.

-- Sam Mcgee (, December 15, 1999.

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