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Do you have to have the plastic gas can grounded, since it will be sitting on a wood floor in a tool shed, while pumping the gas out of the tank. We purchased a gasoline tank from Turner Tanks of NC. We have grounded the tank also. We have a hand pump with no metal parts. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I really want to express my appreciation to all of you on this forum who have been such a great help. I feel I have learned so much and our lives here have been changed for the better. Karen

-- Karen (, December 15, 1999


You say you will pump the gas from one container to another - are both containers plastic? If so, the cocept of "grounding" these non-conductive tanks is a bit theoretical. The idea, tho, is to prevent a spark from jumping from the fuel to an electrical ground. Gasoline accumulates a static charge when it flows, the faster the flow the greater the charge. If you are using a slow hand pump that will help a lot.

The famous danger, filling a metal can sitting in a pickup truck with a bed liner, is caused by several things: The gasoline accumulates a charge and delivers it to the can. The can, sitting on plastic, accumulates more and more charge. When the voltage is high enough, a spark jumps from the can to the gas pump nozzle (grounded). Because vapors there can easily be at a flammable concentration, a fire can start.

If you really want to be safe, put both of the fuel containers on the same conductive surface when transferring the gas. A piece of heavy duty aluminum foil would be fine. This would allow any charge to dissipate and give a sufficient ground through your wooden floor to prevent a spark.

-- Gary S. (, December 15, 1999.

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