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AT&T Says it is Y2K-Ready but Warns of Problems in Rural Areas, Abroad

John Pasqua, vice president at AT&T Corp., says that he believes the phone company is ready for the potential issues the new year could bring. Although AT&T has been working on Y2K glitch possibilities for the past three years, Mr. Pasqua says the company is concerned that rural areas may experience problems. These problems could arise due to the intricate web of phone networks that exist between AT&T and its local carriers. Phone networks abroad are also causing AT&T some concern; many have been unable to invest substantial amounts of money to debug the systems for possible glitches. AT&T itself has spent nearly $700 million to perform debugging procedures.

-- Homer Beanfang (, December 15, 1999



Just curious. Are you a vegetarian?

-- John Galt (, December 15, 1999.

AT&T put this same report out in April of this year I believe.

Dont remember hearing this info. from AT&Ts CEO when he was on OPRAH last week!!!

International!! would that include countries like Venezuela,Saudia,Nigeria, and any wire transfers or other data over ATT wires. Lest we all forget the backbone of most communication is Still AT&T and that includes the internet POPs piggybacking on AT& T as a carrier. NOT GOOD NEWs.

-- d----- (, December 15, 1999.

If I had written something like that in high school or college I would have gotten an F for inconsistencies. Ready but warn of glitches; concerned rural areas may experience problems; phone networks overseas causing concern - HARDLY READY in my definition. Good grief.

-- Sheri (, December 15, 1999.

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