OT Clocks stopping at:45 -- weird mechanical glitch or psychic Y2k metaphor?

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It's now up to three of my clocks stopped, with two hands (one big, one little) caught at :45, and one second hand caught at :47. This has all happened in the past month. I asssume it is something catching the hands up and keeping them passing that point, But why at that point? Why all within the same period of time, when I can't recall it ever happening before? Anyone with clock skills who can explain this?

Or is it just a psychic metaphor? I tend to have a life that is loaded with synchronicities that relate to my spiritual life, and they often speak in metaphor like a physical pun. Is it a Y2k metaphor being played out on my watch? Are all my old ideas about time breaking down, and thus my clocks too? Any of you experience this?

At least the spoons haven't bent. Yet.

-- Firemouse (firemouse@fcmail.com), December 15, 1999


YOur status as a respectable forum poster will be seriously compromised by divulging this information. As for me, yeah, if you have a life loaded with synchronicities, then its probably a metaphor for the End of Time. Honestly, more than one anceitn source might lead you to belive -- as I do -- that we're ending an historical era and returning to something akin to the Aborignal "dream time" or myth- time. m Anyway, "world" does not mean EARTH, in Old English it was wer-eld -- the age of man. A certain age may be drawing to a close (I feel it is) and another one dawning. Agfe of Aquarius or whatever, but it's the end of the Age, if you were to ask me; and there for the end of the wer-eld, or world: End of the World.

Course I do have a nasty head-cold this morning.


-- SH (squirrel@huntr.com), December 15, 1999.

Is this the official invitation for the return of the SPOON!!

Are you one with the spoon?

If you have any idea what I am talking about then you are certainly an oldtimer in this forum.

Of course, for the SPOON to return I would have to find someone worthy enough to torment......Invar has been too much of a gentleman recently to pick on him......

Jack "Y2K cannot be fixed" is a possibility I suppose but even he hasn't been naughty enough........

Oh well, just a thought!

-- Craig (craig@ccinet.ab.ca), December 15, 1999.

the :45 position would have maximum torque against the advancement of the hands if the hands are not counterweighted properly as in a cheap clock. If you had to make a bet on one exact position for the hand to stop, this would be it.

-- forrest (forrest@comprotech.com), December 15, 1999.

Sorry to rain on your little parade, but when batteries get tired in clocks, they stop when the hands are at the point where they are hardest to move--Sticking straight out and going up. That's at the 45.

-- walt (walt@lcs.k12.ne.us), December 15, 1999.

LOL Craig. We wondered what happened to your fuzzy spoons. Focus! :-)

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), December 15, 1999.

Peter Torque was always my favorite Monkee... Thanks for the tech explanation. I'll round them up for a battery transplant.Must've missed them in my battery survey.

But yes, SH, that's why I do the um...less mainstream... work I do on the web under my own name, but have to keep my postings here and on my Y2k website under a handle. Can't have peoples' discomfort with one set of ideas muddy the waters about the Y2k work. ;)

The Mayans say we've got till 2012. And we're always interpenetrating the Dream Time here and now. Part of the work (and the joy) is finding that out, and getting better at it. Why, maybe it can even sneak in here sometimes.



-- Firemouse (firemouse@fcmail.com), December 15, 1999.

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