Y2K On-line Poll Results (moderately interesting)

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This is from some professor who tries to link those of us who prepare to conspiracy/negative thinking (at least the line of questions he asks hint that). I took the poll when Gary mentioned it about a month or so ago on his site.

The most interesting thing to me was where it said that of 1423 people, 37% had moved rurally to prepare for Y2K. I'm one of those, but I'm asking you, were you one of those too? To me, that seems a pretty high number.

Also, if someone has previously posted this link, forgive me for being redundant.

-- Brett (savvydad@netins.net), December 15, 1999


Waste of time. Some shrink is trying to figure out what you are interested in about what other folks think.

-- (...@.......), December 15, 1999.

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