Unusual sighting in Wal-Mart parking lot today, FWIW

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This afternoon while entering the parking lot for Wal-Mart I noticed 3 camoflage painted trucks loading and then leaving with some of the large shipping containers that have been located on the side and around the back of my local store. They have been there for at least 2-3 months and now looks like they are picking them up and taking them somewhere military(?).

This really surprised me as I thought from comments of others on this forum and at their stores that this might be replacement product for the store, lay aways, etc. I will check tomorrow and see if more have been removed from the area. Anyone else seen this?

Wonder what it is all about, will try to ask someone in the store, the person I asked today was a new employee and didn't know anything, or at least said she didn't. Curious......

-- Sammie (sammie0x@hotmail.com), December 15, 1999


Heh, get a camera and follow them.

-- Hokie (nn@va.com), December 15, 1999.

Sammie, when a WalMart employee tells you that they don't know anything, you can pretty much take that to the bank.

-- A.P. (grim2k@hotmail.com), December 15, 1999.

I swear this is true. We were at Wal-Mart yesterday and they had one of those containers open. It was full of little pink Barbie Bicycles with white tires and streamers. Maybe it was part of "Don't Ask , Don't Tell" policy. Still dropped another $200 inside the store.

-- John Malone (duck&cover@tshtf.com), December 15, 1999.

John. Ever hear of the Marine Toys for Tots program??

-- nah (not@this.time), December 15, 1999.

I was at the Mesquite, TX Wal-Mart last week and made special note of all the shipping/storage containers parked on the sides and in back of the store. I had read on a post somewhere about all these containers and so I decided to count them. I counted 36 large (about 40' long) containers in the back and on one side. I thought that was all till I went to leave and spotted some on the other side I missed! I didn't bother to go out of the way to count them but there were probably another 15 or so. I have no idea what was in them. Nobody was there with any of them open so I couldn't take a peek.


-- Gerald R. Cox (grcox@internetwork.net), December 15, 1999.

Semi trucks coming to the store everyday cannot keep up with the supply and demand at WalMart. I asked the stockers how often do they put stock out for Ol' Roy dog food and they said everday. They have a brown container that has nothing but dog food. Those containers are stocked with merchandise that gets sold out either everyday or every other day. Grocery stores have deliveries and stock everyday. Grocery stores though do not have the luxury nor room to keep containers and inventory straight. WalMart does not have truck deliveries everyday and it makes sense to stock the brown containers with "ready merchandise" than to have one truck deliver everyday. K-Mart also has the brown containers.

-- no mystery (nomystery@nomysteryy.xcom), December 15, 1999.

I work for a large department store similiar to Wal Mart...(we have no Wal-marts, here) and we get shipments twice a week during Christmas and once a week the rest of the year. We have a few containers out back...don't know what is in them..probably lawn and garden leftovers. We never have 40 containers. That is fishy.

Obviously, it isn't every store where these containers are being stored. Only certain ones.

Hope that helps.

-- eubie (eubie@retail.com), December 15, 1999.

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Summary and Comments (feel free to mail this page)

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Category: Martial_Law Date: 1999-10-05 07:26:48 Subject: Signs of the Times Comment: The following is a rumor. Treat it as circumstantial evidence. I reprint it here because it is the second time I have heard it. This comes from Candice Turner's e-mail report. It involves a truck marked "Wal-Mart."

About a month ago, a friend of mine here in NW Arkansas called me. A worker he was employing to get his property y2k compliant knew what he was planning for. He told my friend that his wife works for a company that does shipping. This region is a big shipping/truck center. He told her she had checked out one shipment the day before. She saw the signs mentioned here.

I did not publish that rumor then. I was waiting for confirmation. Here it is, to the extent that third-party rumors are confirmation of each other.

But this one has problems, according to one critic:

Off the cuff, I do allot of shipping all over the world, so I have a little experience with trucking. Companies like Wal-Mart do not stop at weigh stations. They generally have a GPS system, they weigh the truck and transmit the data to the weigh station as the drive by. One of my trucking companies uses it. One of the drivers told me if the system goes down there will be major traffic jams at the weigh stations and serious delays in shipping when I asked him about it before the GPS rollover,(the rollover was a non event for him). Also, every driver demands a bill of laden, they will not load till they have it, and they will not connect to a trailer until it is in their hands. The "bill of lading" will tell exactly what is in the truck. No trucker will risk driving without one because of the HAZ-MAT laws. Inspections are only done when they do not have a bill of laden, or their log book does not correspond to the BOL. Wal-Mart drivers have strict rule and are company drivers, so there log books will almost always be squeaky clean. I think this might be a net rumor.

I did not pick up the original rumor from the Net. It was direct. So, consider this merely a rumor. But we know that the National Guard is preparing. Bureaucracies need signs.

* * * * * * * * * *

I met a man last night that used to go to my church. Brandon moved last year before I started attending. But several people, including the pastor, say that Brandon is totally honest and does not "go off half cocked."

Brandon told me that his wife received a call from her cousin last week. The cousin lives in Ohio and her husband is a truck driver for Wal-Mart. It seems he was driving a load early last week and stopped at a border weigh station. The inspector wanted to know what was in the load, and the driver indicated he did not know. He merely picked up the trailer and was transporting it to another state.

The inspector opened the trailer and saw hundreds of uniform boxes. He asked what was in the boxes and the driver again stated that he didn't know. So the inspector opened a box.

In the box were about a hundred large (about 2'x3') plastic signs that stated: "This City Under Martial Law" in bright colors. It said something about the fed govt and had what looked like a legal reference (the driver claims to know nothing about legal issues, but he thought it was a reference to a law or an Executive Order or something).

There were several hundred boxes of these signs. The driver doesn't know what Wal-Mart has to do with the signs. But he did state that Wal-Mart sometimes hires out space on their trucks if space is available. I might suggest that maybe the govt was using Wal-Mart trucks to keep a low profile.

Anyway, the info came to me by way of a long route. But the sources are "innocent bystanders" with no history of right-wing reactionary politics. The driver was married to a woman who was related to Brandon's wife. He swears the info is accurate and that he spoke with the driver himself to confirm what was passed between the respective wives. The driver claims there were hundreds of boxes, each one with at least a hundred large signs declaring martial law.

I thought this was worth passing along. Especially since the fed govt is telling us (Wednesday issue of USA Today and today's press releases) that we have nothing to fear.

Yours in freedom, at least a little while longer,

Dave Miner

-- It's (onlyarumor@ifthishelps.com), December 15, 1999.

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