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I have decided on a used Omega D5 enlarger but have a question about negative holders. Are the older holders made for the D2 compatible with the newer D5/D5XL? Are the new holders useable with the older model? How can I tell the older and newer ones apart?

-- Dave Schneidr (, December 14, 1999


Allow me to recommend the glass carrier for your D5. It takes all formats up to 4x5 so thankfully you only need to buy one. It makes a huge difference in film flatness, a difference that I can see in my prints. One of the smartest purchases I've made.

-- Erik Ryberg (, December 15, 1999.


As far as I know, the newer negative carriers for the D5 are black in color......the older ones are brushed aluminum. Here at Western Michigan University, we just upgraded all of our large format enlargers to D5's and E's (5x7). We are using both kinds of negative carriers with no problems. Therefore, my best guess is "yes", older Omega carriers will work with the newer D5....but you may want a second opinion. :) By the way, you have made and excellent choice in enlargers - these things are great. The only draw back is the way Omega designed the lens mounting system. It's much better than the whole "cone" thing they used to use on the D2's (and on the current E models), but still not as easy as Beseler's "one board fits all" system. Also, I agree with the comment on the glass carrier. Just remember that there will be four extra surfaces to keep free of dust, as well as occasional "newton rings" to content with. (I have been using a brand spanking new glass carrier from Omega for the past two months, and I'm about to throw it out the window. I've tried everything to get rid of the rings, but nothing works......not even "anti-newton ring spray", or putting small amounts of tape between the glass to act as a spacer!) Personally, I'd get both kinds of and glassless. You might want to check on eBay, as you get get them for about half of what you'd normally pay anywhere else. Good luck!

-- Adam D. DeKraker (, December 15, 1999.

The older D-2 negative holders had two slots that slid into registration pins on the rear of the negative stage. The newer holders have an additional piece of metal that fits inside the space below the negative stage to allow the holders to be rotated. On the newer enlargers the two pin register system has been dropped.

So if you are using the older neg carriers with a new enlarger you will have a little pain centering them in the negative stage. I use an older 4X5 neg carrier on a D5-XL and it is a kludgey.

-- David Grandy (, December 15, 1999.

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