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Just a thought.My husband,who regularly fishes from the sea shore at night for cod,wears a halogen torch fixed to a light webbing harness that fits over his fishing hat.This enables him to see as far 150 yards out to sea to monitor what is happening to his line.It leaves him with both hands free for the rod.

I'm posting from the Uk but would imagine that most fishing eqipment stores would have a similar device.The UK price was equivalent to about 42$ US.

I find it quite useful when getting in coal at night or walking the dog in the dark.

-- Fishing Widow (On the Beach@Burnham.com), December 14, 1999


My answer to this problem has in the past been to hold a small AA penlight in my mouth when going to "load wood" at night. But this has disadvantages in that should I slip on ice or otherwise hit something, extensive dental work may be the least of my worries.

Several manufacturers have "head mounted" lights. Prices range from $7.99 (US) to nearly $50. L.L. Bean has a good one for the "higher end" market. (www.llbean.com)

Best regards,

-- Joe (KEITH@neesnet.com), December 15, 1999.

I find myself outside on a regular basis having to finish up last minute details outside after it gets dark. My 'cheap' solution:

two large guage, 6" long twist ties holding each of two mini-mag flashlights onto either side of a heavy duty sports headband. Dual Headlights! :-)

total cost - other than the flashlights and batteries - $2.99 for the headband. The four twist-ties came from something I had bought that was attached to a piece of display cardboard!

-- hiding in plain (sight@edge. of no-where), December 15, 1999.

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