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I have a Lenz system with 3-Boosters. I have three reverse loops on my layout currently using MRC Auto Reversers.

I would like to add the Power Shield circuit breakers from TTX to allow quicker shut down when shorting something out.

My question is will the Auto reversers still work or would the circuit breaker shut down first? Tony has said that some people use them together without problem and some cannot make it work.

I would like to hear of anyone's experience.

Thx, Gale Saxton

-- Gale Saxton (, December 14, 1999


Gale .

I have two Power Shield circuit breakers and attempted to use an automotive lamp downstream of them (as recommended by Allan Gartner) to prevent short circuit shutdown due to a couple of electrically poor track pieces. I found that the PSII shut down instantly - before the bulb filament could warm up enough to limit the current draw. I contacted the designer and he told me that there is no time delay on shutdown, it is instantaneous.

My guess is that what you want to do will not work since the autoreverse needs a little time to determine if the short is a true short or if reversing will correct it.

I am using a Digitrax Chief system and there is a progammable delay in the short circuit protection. This allows light bulbs to warm up and auto reversers to work before the booster will decide to shut down. I also have an Easy DCC booster and it has no delay on shut down.

Dale Gloer

-- Dale Gloer (, December 17, 1999.

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