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Someone here please help me locate the latest Y2K status of all countries. I lost the site for international Monitor center or something. Thanks. I need it to finish an article for our local media. Thanks a lot

-- Marilyn (, December 14, 1999


My personal feeling is that 'officially' ALL countries are 'ready', however thats worthless and you have to wait until the rollover to see who is telling the truth.

As to IM, I still dont like them. I dont know where they came from or what credentials they have to make the statements they do.

-- hamster (, December 14, 1999.


Have you tried looking for the CIA or State Department reports over on Gary North's site? ( He has a new search engine for the site. If you found those, you might then be able to link to the more recent ones. You might also access and look for the phrase "state department travel advisories" or some such, which might give you some indication of what the SD thinks about the compliance in some countries. If you're interested in any particular countries, you could try their name + y2k compliance status in the appropriate search engine. I'd try the advanced search mode on for that one.

-- (, December 14, 1999.


I keyed in Y2k international monitoring center in alta vista and this url looks promising.

-- (, December 14, 1999.

This is the latest as of Dec. 13

 International Y2K Cooperation Center

-- Brian (, December 14, 1999.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (State Dept. equiv.) has compiled Y2K information on approximately 140 countries:

-- Old Git (, December 14, 1999.

I think much of what is published on country readiness comes from self-assessments. These are published on the Interntaional Y2K Cooperation Center website at: (select the region you are interested in)

(For a critique on this info, refer to International Monitoring,

Finally, if you are looking for info on a particular country, you can search Sanger's archives:

and the Arlington Institute also categorises daily news by country: (page down till you see 'International Stories'

-- (, December 15, 1999.

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