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Has anyone made a colloidal silver generator. I figure it's too late to order one. Would go buy one if I knew they sold one close. Thank you

-- Curly~Q (, December 14, 1999


You can find your information at There is an archive you can search. The low-voltage DC units use 3 batteries connect and look relatively simple to make. You cna also purchase .999 silver very inexpensively at I just got my order yesterday, after ordering just last Thursday. Talk to George and tell him that you want it for making colloidal silver. If you make the unit with alligator clips, you can use the 26 ga. flat bezel wire. I'm off to work, so can't write more, but if you have any other questions I can answer, you can email me.

-- Kenin Marble (, December 14, 1999.

Radio Shack and your local jeweler if all you want is a DC version. Take 3 9 volt batteries(A,B,C), clip them together, A+ to B-, B+ to C-, which gives you 27VDC from A- to C+. Get a 9 volt battery clip or two to attach to A- and C+. Get 99.9% pure silver wire from your local jewelery store, add very high quality distilled water, bingo.

If you want a high voltage AC version go to a junk yard or sign shop and get a neon transformer. These are usually 5,000-15,000 volts. Now since your "load" is distilled water your power requirements are almost non-existant. P=IE and E=IR do the math, you'll be surprised, usually about 30,000 ohms between the two silver rods.

Or you can just plug the two silver rods into 120 volts AC. Notice I mentioned you HAVE to use very high quality distilled water. Big hint measure the ohmage BEFORE you hook up the power. This will give you an idea of how clean your container is and how good the water is. Ie, if you get a reading of something less than 10,000 ohms you are doing something really wrong.

P.S. if you go the neon transformer route and measure the input amperage with your amprobe and wonder, What the heck..., yes, the hysterisis loss of the transformer is WAY more than the power consumed by the load.

P.S.S. If your local jeweler doesn't stock silver wire you might be able to get it from Hauser-Miller Jewlery Wholesalers (314) 487-1311 if they are still taking new accounts, they will ask for an account number. YOu want the fine silver 99.9+% which they sell in 2-30 guage, two ounce minimum purchase, VISA accepted. You'll want something like 4 ounces of #12 which will give you enough to form electrodes to fit a 5 gallon polycarbonate jug. Hint: form the electrodes on the outside of the jug and then tweak it a bit to insure they swing out, then after putting in, use a needle nose pliars to crimp it around the flared lip and it will stay in place. You'll need to draw down about a quart or so to drop the water level to the max. diameter.

-- Ken Seger (, December 14, 1999.

You can probably find some .999 fine "silver rounds" at a coin shop for a decent price. Anything under about 7 bucks a troy ounce is a decent price, and you'll have the equivalent of an *amazing* dollar amount of silver wire.

There's also probably enough time to get a couple from eBay.

(We use two silver rounds as electrodes. Just be careful to not let the alligator clips (or whatever you use) touch the water.)

-- Ron Schwarz (, December 14, 1999.

Curly~Q--I ordered a generator from not more than a week ago, and have already received it. Actually, I got the 800 # from the website and called in my order, so I could make sure they thought it would get here "in time." Very nice to deal with. Have used the generator, and am already seeing results! Best wishes, Katy

-- katy (, December 14, 1999.

Try . They ship fast. They have .999 silver strips for $10/pair (with connector plugs attached). Each pair of strips is good for many gallons of CS.

-- Dean -- from (almost) Duh Moines (, December 14, 1999.

Check with CSIN at 1-877-643-4070. I just heard on the radio today that they have a special on their &169. unit (AC/SC) for &89. They didn't mention delivery time, but it's a free phone call to get the info.

-- Kenin Marble (, December 14, 1999.

go to I ordered from them a week ago and delivery was in 4 days!

-- freddie (, December 16, 1999.

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