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A common theme that seems to separate the GI's from the DGI's is that "no one really knows what will happen after the rollover".

Another shortcoming is a general lack of information or apparent concern about how Y2k will impact personal computers and networks. A lot of attention is being paid to main frames and embedded systems, but don't PCs play a major role in the IT infrastructure?

A White Paper presented to the Royal Society in England in early October discussed major problems which could be expected because of "Y2k short date issues" in personal computers. Download a copy from here:

Independent rollover testing conducted in Rotterdam confirms that personal computers with "compliant software" are vulnerable to Y2k short date problems.

Initial results from Rotterdam are as follows:

1. Errors will increase 50% to 150% 2. User productivity will drop 3. Support needs will rise exponentially 4. All systems will be affected

It is unfortunate this information is being released at such a late date. If the theory and test results are accurate, many businesses and individuals dependent on personal computers are in for a rather unpleasant surprise.

The good news is we won't have to wait long to find out if it's true!

-- Brian Bretzke (, December 14, 1999



-- PCsaresprinklesonthecone (IBMainframes@broken.forever), December 14, 1999.

Hi Brian! Ever find any sample source that demonstrates that Rotterdam executable corruption crap you've been peddling?

In case you're in any doubt, I'm calling you an uninformed idiot at best, and a criminal liar at worst. Feel free to prove me wrong. :)

-- Servant (, December 14, 1999.

Uh uh, LL's Happy Pills have worn off. Tomorrow she'll be all sweetness and reasonability again. :(

-- Servant (, December 14, 1999.

LOL Servant.

-- Hokie (, December 14, 1999.

I don't know if the people who are proposing this theory are right or wrong. However, they need to do a better job of articulating what the problem is. How is the computer corrupted over time? They need to give an example indicating what files are damaged. How is the operating system affected? Are the problems cleared when the computer is rebooted?

-- Dave (, December 14, 1999.

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