Hey everyone , grab a USA TODAY!

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Some interesting stuff in there if you look close enough.

Read where it talks about how the handing over of the Panama Canal will be the slow-moving, strategic, self-mutilization of America. pg. 18-A

Also, in the Life section, Robin Williams gives his opinion on the future of America. He's a tad bit worried about y2k.

Oh, yea! And Isreal plans to shut down its top secret nuclear reactor during y2k. pg. 13-A Mellinium Watch. There is some other very interesting stuff on 13-A

-- tired of worrying (halyman@bellsouth.net), December 14, 1999


Yes, very wise and cynical, Mystery Man. In case it had passed you buy, even TPTB are expressing concern that Joe Sixpack just might get a teeny bit worried near rollover, and go and do something really irrational like try and buy some food. No, I don't think the hardware and software cares about Robin Williams' opinion any more that it cares about yours or mine. But the wetware cares.

We needed to be seeing this stuff a year ago in the mainstream press. But it wouldn't have sold papers back then, and now it's too late. In fact, it's downright irresponsible, and frankly I wouldn't shed too many tears over TPTB trampling all over Mr First Amendment to stifle this kind of belated wake up call from the press. They're not doing us a whole bunch of good right now.

USA Today deserve a little kudos for dealing with Y2K at all, and for having prep advice on their website (did they ever print it?). But now it's time for them to either make a stand and front- page the prep advice, or just shut up and hope for the best.

-- Servant (public_service@yahoo.com), December 14, 1999.

If I lived in San Francisco like Robin Williams does, I'd be worried too. I wonder how many people are worried that they won't be able to get their cocaine and other recreational drugs.

-- ~~~~ (~~~@~~~.xcom), December 14, 1999.

So not only is ladylogic an expert is systems, computers, a pin-up but she is also a Psychologist. WOW.

-- Squid (ItsDark@down.here), December 14, 1999.

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