Whistling past the graveyard in Yardeniville

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Go check out the results of Yardeni's latest NAM poll, released 11/29.

Pay special attention to questions 5, 6, 7, and 12.

Politely put, it doesn't add up. Below are some of the highlights, or lowlights, if you prefer. We'll start out with a humdinger: 41% not done, and end up with another gut-wrencher: 57% not verified. But please, you owe it to yourselves to click the link and see da nile in all its glory.

5) How far along is your company in completing the Y2K project, including testing? 100% complete: 58.6%

6) How far behind or ahead of schedule is your Y2K project? On schedule: 77.3% 7) When did you or do you expect to finish all phases of the Y2K project, including testing? Third quarter 1999: 23.5% December 1999: 14.3%

12) Has an independent auditor verified that your mission-critical systems are Y2K compliant? No, have not been verified: 57.7%

-- Ron Schwarz (rs@clubvb.com.delete.this), December 14, 1999

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