Urgently need poem of Poe that was used in the movie "Four Weddings and a Funeral"

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Dear Sir, I am looking rather urgently for the poem/prose of E.A. Poe that was used in the funeral scene of the movie "Four weddings and a Funeral" It starts with: Stop all the clocks, let the mourners come.... It contains lines like: - my working week, my Sunday rest - pack up the moon and dismantle the sun Can you PLEASE HELP me!!! Thanking you in anticipation, Trudi van der Walt dreugene@intekom.co.za

-- Anonymous, December 14, 1999


Hey Trudi! The poem that you're looking for isn't by E.A. Poe but WH Auden. It's called "The more loving one" and you can find it at eg. http://www.audensociety.org/ Hope this was a help to you! Lea

-- Anonymous, December 14, 1999

By a mistake I accidently called the poem "the more loving one" (this is also a great poem -by the way) But actually the poem is called "Funeral blues". Sorry Lea

-- Anonymous, December 14, 1999

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