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Initially, I was quite confused with the VCD and SVCD format, but I'm much clearer now thanks to the FAQ section. That is something still quite confuse me, i.e. DVCD. According to the forum, DVCD supposedly to be furthur compression of video signal to make the 2 video disc into only one disc at the expense of the video quality and play time of no more 90 minutes. I happen to own one "Time Cop" DVCD title. The total play time of this video is 98 minutes and the video quality is as good as other VCD if not better. I did mistaken this DVCD was actually SVCD due to its good video and sound quality and it was only one disc. Of course, I was wrong because had it been SVCD format, it will probably be 3 to 4 discs. My question is what is the actual video format for DVCD and why is the play time is longer than the 74 minutes for normal VCD?

As for the SVCD, since it plays on the MPEG 2, the same as DVD players, does it means that DVD discs can be played on the SVCD players?

Thanks, Fu DF, Singapore.

-- Fu Dunfeng (, December 13, 1999


Only the last question: the answer has to be no, unless that player is specifically a DVD player, too, of course. SVCD still uses the same CD system (1.2um laser) as VCD and will necessarily not see a DVD which requires a 0.6um laser.

-- EMartinez (, December 14, 1999.

" Stands for Double VideoCD -- pretty popular format in mainland China. Format itself is nothing new really, its just a regular VideoCD overburned to include 90 to 99mins per CD, compared to regular 74mins per CD in standard VideoCD format. " For more specific details, look at VideoCD specs at

According to these guys, it's just an overburn. DVD players require a smaller laser (credit: EMartinez) and slower, more precise movement of the laser - with this technology, playing regular CD's is a cynch, but it doesn't work in reverse (CD player trying to read DVD).

Frank J., SF CA USA

-- Frank Jaworski (, November 08, 2002.

Wow, I answered a question almost 3 years old...


-- FJ (, November 08, 2002.

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