just bought a solar/l.e.d. accent light

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Just bought a Brinkman Endura "extra long running solar powered accent light". Has a single l.e.d., good reflector, torch-style and can be used in wall bracket or stuck in the ground. Uses a Nicad AA battery and casts a soft glow over about a two-foot wide circle - used it for milking my goat tonight and checking out the new shelves my dear hubby built in our garden shed - was able to read all labels if I held the light close.

Already have a few extra NiMh (?) AA's and a solar charger so think this will work pretty well, at least to give a soft "comfort/safety" light indoors at night, if needed - especially while we sleep. With a 3 yr. old I think this will be really helpful.

I realize that folks can put together brighter, cheaper set-ups but this convenient and efficient design suits us well at under $20. Just thought I would share the idea. Bought at Walmart in the hardware/lighting section.

-- Kristi (securxsys@cs.com), December 13, 1999

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