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I am looking for some feedback from anybody that uses the AS 45 field version... I have the 6x9 and am considering adding the 45 conversion package. First, what does the thing end up weighing. My 6x9 comes in at about 4.8 lbs (that is less than what Arca quotes). The 45FC apparently weights about 7 lbs, so I am guessing about 6-6.5 for the field version. The other question is about the real limits of the two bellows. The 38cm bellows lists a minimum length of 3 inches. Can I use a 110mm or a 90mm with recessed boards if I only need tilt, not rise or shift. Any other comments on the camera would be appreciated.

-- Glenn C. Kroeger (, December 13, 1999


I have the A/S 45 F-line with the square bellows. With the standard normal bellows and a flat lensboard (NOTE: standard A/S boards are recessed 13mm) it is possible to focus at infinity with a 90mm lens. so yes you should be able to use those lenses with those movements.

-- Ellis Vener (, December 14, 1999.

The weight of the ARCA-SWISS Field 4x5" is just under 6 lbs. The synthetic bellows works with a 90mm lens, although movements are limited. Note that the ARCA-SWISS Field 4x5" comes with the leather bellows not the synthetic bellows. The leather bellows works with focal lenghts of: f= 35-240mm depending on the ratio.

-- Customer Support (, December 15, 1999.

Glenn...I would agree with the ARCA-Swiss customer svc dept on the weight being just under 6 pounds. Unless you plan to use lenses longer than 210mm or extreme closeups, you might just consider the leather wide angle bellows. Here's why...The 90mm or 110mm lenses work great on flat boards with tons of movements. Even the 47mm needs only a 7mm recessed board. Since the "field camera" bellows are tapered, the range of movements and compressibility of the camera standards is much greater than the "square" bellows of the standard 4X5 F-line camera.

I own both the standard and wide bellows and have yet to need any other than the wide bellows for any lens from 47mm through 210mm. I'll try to check and e-mail you privately if the 90mm works well with the standard bellows and a flat board...I suspect it'll be just fine.

-- Jim Blecha (, December 16, 1999.

If you went with the 35mm-240mm leather conical as Jim Blecha suggests, you could later add the 210mm-480mm synthetic connical (if the need's there) and have a great combination. I have the leather wide combined with the 240mm-600mm for the standard 4x5, and it works out really well -- no need for the standard 380mm bellows. Note that, if you stay with the conical configuration, 480mm is the largest lens that you could use. (Not much of a limitation.)

-- neil poulsen (, January 02, 2000.

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