I just found ANOTHER Win/95 Y2K update, not included in the Y2K "package"

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This one updates DIAL-UP NETWORKING 1.3.

Notice the system requirements, the Y2K update must already be installed:

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 95 Microsoft Windows 95 Year 2000 Update Microsoft DUN 1.3 Update or Microsoft Winsock2 Update

Glad it only updates minor issues...

I'm still trying to figure out what version of DUN I have. It came with 95-B, and I don't think Windows Update changed it. It does sound like 1.3 has more stuff than I do. "Help About" is no help. The bastards...

The update:


The Win/95 "master download" page:


Tick... Tock... <:00=

Tick... Tock... <:00=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), December 13, 1999


Oh, and the other Win/95 Y2K patch, also not included in the "package," and not mentioned as a Y2K update on the above "master" page blurb, is the Windows Library Update. From the read-me:

"This update also addresses a Year 2000 issue which may cause some applications built with the Microsoft Foundation Classes to improperly handle dates that are greater than December 31, 1999. In addition, this update addresses an unrelated April 1, 2001 date- handling issue."

http://www.microsoft.com/ windows95/downloads/contents/WURecommended/S_WUServicePacks/MFCLibrary /Default.asp

At least this fix mentions Y2K on the Windows Update site. If you haven't been there, and run Windows, check it out. Hit PRODUCT UPDATES, it checks YOUR win version, and builds a list of updates for YOUR machine, including the Y2K "package," security patches, and other fixes.

http://windowsupdate.microso ft.com


-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), December 13, 1999.

Thanks, Sysman

-- flora (***@__._), December 13, 1999.


-- GoldReal (GoldReal@aol.com), December 14, 1999.

We are sorry. Windows 95 has been compliant since last year as per mailings. Please disregard the last twelve 2000 update discs. Thank you very much. Microsucks.

-- Willy (Wonka@thechocolatefactory.com), December 14, 1999.

Thanks, Sysman. I think anyone with 95 osr2 is A-OK already (as far as DUN is concerned). I installed DUN 1.3 a few months ago and found only one added (useless) feature to TCP/IP.

-- Mori-Nu (silkenet@yahoo.com), December 14, 1999.

Careful, you're using their language. It's not an "update", and neither is it those other popular Redmondisms, an "upgrade" or a "multimedia enhancement". It's a bug fix.

And I don't recall MS ever admitting to having a "major issue".

-- Servant (public_service@yahoo.com), December 14, 1999.

A previous thread talked about Microsoft and their product revelations of last week.

Microsoft losing war on Y2K compliance greenspun.com : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

Microsoft continues to lose the war for Y2K compliance. There are now 393 Microsoft applications that have had Y2K status changes since December 1. This includes some applications that recently finished testing. Of these 393 applications: 53 are rated compliant, 11 cannot be made compliant, 159 need updates that aren't available yet, 76 need new updates that are available, 4 don't process dates, 4 are considered compliant "with acceptable deviations", and 76 have changed status from compliant to "under revision". Among the products which require updates that aren't available yet, are Excel 95, Excel 97, Excel 2000, and all versions of Office 2000. Windows Media Player used to be listed as compliant, now it's "under revision". This is a component of all recent versions of Internet Explorer. There are also new Y2K updates for Windows NT that have been released in the last few days. This is as of 10:00 am today,12/9/1999. With the recent pace Microsoft products falling off their "compliant" list, you will likely find a different number if you go to http://www.microsoft.com/technet/year2k/product/product.asp and do a search. There are another 34 products on the "yet to be tested" list, some of which used to listed as Y2K compliant. Bootom line: if you use Microsoft software on your PC or server, you are probably not Y2K compliant, even if you thought you were and verified that with Microsoft as recently as 10 days ago.

-- Jerry Heidtke (jheidtke@email.com), December 09, 1999

-- Dana (A_Non_O_Moose@xxx.com), December 14, 1999.


OK, I'll try to make this easier. These Y2K fixes are not on the "Microsoft Year 2000 Update" package, that you can order from Microsoft on CD, or Download from their web site. These are new items, not included with the LATEST Y2K UPDATE "package." Yes, according to MS, these items are "minor" (unless you're the one guy in the whole world that uses this particular minor feature), and I'm just pointing this out, to my friends here on the forum that may still be running Windows/95.


As it turns out, I didn't have DUN 1.3 installed, so I did. Yup, the only "new" thing is Virtual Private Networks (VPN, nice but I don't need it either), but it also includes some updates (bug fixes, Servant) to existing stuff. Looks like it's worth the update.

But here's my beef. Even after I installed DUN 1.3, the "Windows Update" site didn't tell me that there was a new Y2K update. Why not? It knows everything else about MY version of Win, and ALL of the other "updates" installed on MY computer.... Just a few days ago, I gave MS a brownie point, for having the right idea behind the Windows Update site. I'm now taking it back, because it didn't answer my Y2K question. If they "fix" it (WU) in "a few days" I'll give them back their brownie point.


And the beat goes on...

Tick... Tock... Tick... ... <:00=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), December 14, 1999.

PS - And I just love this one: "Of these 393 applications:... 4 don't process dates" - Hee, haw... <:)=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), December 14, 1999.

Sysman could you help me please? I have been trying to download the updates from the site you mentioned, but my system keeps crashing. What am I doing wrong? I turned off my virus scan while downloading as I was told by someone once, but it keeps happening. Any suggestions would be most gratefully appreciated. Thank you.

-- Mary Kay (celticuty@aol.com), December 14, 1999.


Did you happen to see my email to you on this very subject?



-- Mary (DivinMercy@aol.com), December 15, 1999.

Hi Mary,

I just checked my mail, and this thread. Sorry about the late reply. I've been living out of NYC since Wednesday, where free time has been very limited. Mainframe problems at our backup site, not related to Y2K. Just what I need now...

Can you tell us what you mean by "keeps crashing." Does the download stop? The whole computer? What happens?

If you're having trouble with the Windows Update page, this page has the same software, but skips trying to analyze your computer. It's a list of everything. The Y2K update is about #12 on this page, here. Keep in mind, this is a Win/95 page (not Win/98), and some of the updates listed here are not to be applied to Win/95-B. Check out the READ-ME, for each update, for details. I believe that the main Y2K update does apply to all versions of Win/95.

Let me get comfortable here, at home finally, and I'll answer your mail maybe later tonight, tomorrow AM at the latest! <:)=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), December 17, 1999.

I need to make a statement here:

The MSDUN 1.3 update is a must-have file. This package not only does updates but has resurrected totally corrupted TCP-IP and Dial-Up Networking configs. It does this two-fisted approach to updating and can often fix systems which seem corrupted at the registry level.

Please note: If your computer is messed up at the protocol level MSDUN 1.3 wont fix it if you dont know what you are doing, but get this update and put it on a cdr disk. Its a keeper and those of you who are PC-saavy should have this for Win 95 dialup problems.

-- hamster (hmster@mycage.com), December 17, 1999.

Howdy hamster,

Yes, it turns out that DUN 1.3 is a major "bug fix," but just like the Y2K "Library Update" announcement that didn't bother to mention Y2K, they didn't make a big deal of it. All of the press was for VPN and tunneling, nice, but I don't use it, and neither do most people (except those corp types). But the TCP update, now that's nice for EVERYBODY! Too bad I didn't know about it 'til a few days ago, and I read the HEADLINES almost daily!!!!!

Anyway, if you do, and should, run DUN 1.3, don't forget the Y2K update...

Happy Holidays... Tick... Tock... <:00= ...

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), December 17, 1999.

PS - and MSDUN 1.3 doesn't ship with Win/95-B, at least the OEM version that I have... <:)=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), December 17, 1999.

To the top for Mary, in case she's out there... Yes, I did send her a quick e-m reply, but the link back to this thread may have not worked. Such ls life... <:)=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), December 18, 1999.

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