FS-1 case Verses FT-1 case

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Someone has offered to sell me an FS-1 leather case. I oun an FT-1 not an FS-1 will the case fit on either camera?

-- Anonymous, December 13, 1999


Ft-1 case

Hello: I'm not totally certain, but I believe that the tripod bushings are in different positions on the camera base, and that the cases would therefor be different. Herb S.

-- Anonymous, December 18, 1999


Catching up on some posts I missed. I tried an FS-1 in an FT-1 case, and the bottom half fits perfectly, the screw mates up with the camera's tripod socket. The top cover won't quite pull over the top enough to snap. Based on this, I'd guess that that the FT-1 would probably fit the FS-1 case.


-- Anonymous, February 05, 2000

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