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The time has come for NewsHawk to break our silence on the REAL causes of the demise of EgyptAir Flight 990.

Our disgust and outrage at the continuing official state terrorism perpetrated by covert of the U.S. government and at the sickening disinformation and blatant lies spewed by government liars and mass media cohorts compels us to release this CRUCIAL information NOW.

We've spent the past few days researching and investigating what caused the jet to go plunging into the Atlantic Ocean early AM Oct. 31.

We've pieced together the picture with information from a variety of different sources, all with a solid record or reliability and integrity. There are certainly still some important pieces of the puzzle missing--such as WHAT HAPPENED TO 217 BODIES--but the emerging picture is becoming quite clear.

At the outset we'll say this unequivocally. Flight 990 was INTENTIONALLY DESTROYED by elements of the federal government: in particular, the U.S. Navy. To be more precise, the Boeing 767 jet was targeted and hit TWICE, reportedly with a particle beam, by pro-New World Order Navy factions in control of the Montauk Pt. clandestine underground base, and then finished off with a missile, which blew the tail off the jet.

Over 200 pictures of the wreckage in the ocean floor were taken by the Woods Hole vessel, NONE of which have been made public. The pictures show the fuselage of the jet is in MANY, many pieces. None of the jet's wings or engines are there, and NO bodies are visible. The tail section in particular is utterly destroyed. These pictures have been viewed by several of our sources who have no contact or connection to each other at all. Their statements match completely. The nose of the jet is said to be relatively intact, with the front windshield completely blown out.

Now, for some background information. The MASSIVE clandestine base underneath defunct, "abandoned" Montauk Air Force Station with it's extensive inventory of ultra-high-tech, highly advanced technologies and systems has been controlled by firmly pro-New World Order U.S. Navy factions for over two years now. The prior occupants of the base were Omega/Faction 3 elements of the U.S. Air Force, who locked up and took the keys when they vacated the premises in mid-1997. The base was subsequently FORCIBLY entered and taken over by aforementioned Navy contingents in short order. This subject was covered in great detail in our book PHOENIX UNDEAD, published in 1998.

Regardless of the exact reasons why Flight 990 was targeted for destruction, here is what we KNOW. Slightly over a half-hour after leaving New York, while cruising at 33,000 feet, the jet was hit for the first time, most likely by a particle beam or high-powered laser. The firing of the beam was verified by a surveillance team monitoring covert Navy operations at Montauk. (This same team verified the particle beam was fired THREE times the night JFK Jr.'s plane was destroyed off Martha's Vineyard at 9:40 PM, July 16.)

The first beam hit was NOT catastrophic, but among other things it may have glitched the plane's PRIMARY computer system, causing the jet's two computer-controlled engines to malfunction: as well it may have punched a hole in the jet, causing instantaneous decompression. The auto-pilot disengaged.

The pilot and co-pilot, KNOWN to be some of the very best pilots around and CITED as such by the Egyptian government and EgyptAir, responded immediately and correctly to the emergency by taking the jet down QUICKLY in a controlled dive while trying to reboot the computer control system. As the engines are computer-controlled, they can NOT be left sputtering and misfiring but MUST be SHUT DOWN before they can be restarted.

The pilots WERE able to reboot the computer, shut off AND restart the engines after leveling off at approximately 17,000 feet and regained control of the craft. They then initiated an ascent, climbing back up to 24,000 feet. At THAT point we're told the jet was hit yet AGAIN by a particle beam; this time a much more severe hit which completely destroyed the primary computer control system and almost certainly punched a hole in the craft.

The top-notch pilots AGAIN sought desperately to regain control of the craft, being of course aware that ALL these craft have a BACKUP computer system on a separate power supply. They initiated the same kind of maneuver as before, but there was one crucial difference this time. The craft was almost certainly decompressing at this point, and it would have been IMPERATIVE to get the jet down to a much lower altitude FAST to survive. ..


Incredibly, they might have been able to do it... except for one thing. As the diving jet reached about 8,000 feet it was hit by a missile which ripped the entire tail section apart, rendering it completely uncontrollable and ensuring it's utter destruction. The jet spun wildly out of control, both main wings being ripped off by the extreme air speed and centrifugal forces and the fuselage plunged into the ocean.

This scenario, as we've said, has been put together by correlating information received from a number of different sources INCLUDING, in an astonishing twist of fate, AN EYEWITNESS TO THE ENTIRE EVENT!! At this very time German national citizen was piloting a small business jet along the northeast coast in this exact vicinity that night, somewhat behind Fl. 990. He witnessed BOTH controlled, emergency dive maneuvers executed by the pilots, although he wasn't completely certain at first what was going on. He became aware however that the craft was apparently in some distress, and changed his course slightly to maintain closer proximity to Fl. 990 and a good view of what was happening. This individual then picked up a VERY fast-moving blip on his radar screen coming right towards both his plane AND the EgyptAir jet. Immediately concerned, he performed some evasive maneuvers and watched as a missile passed his plane and struck Fl. 990 in the aft/tail section, blowing the rear of the jet to smithereens. He saw the jet plunge into the sea.

This person returned to Germany soon afterwards and made a statement there to Reuters news agency about what he had seen. It seems clear he was terribly shaken by what he'd seen and afraid to make any statements until back in his native Germany. This person was then visited by three U.S. government agents, who told he that he DID NOT see what he saw, and Reuters was ordered to NOT publish this witness's account. Furthermore, one of our primary sources, who provided much of the information in our Nov. 3 article "Fl.. 990--One version of what happened", which is reprinted below, received an email last week which advised our source in no uncertain terms to cease and desist in his investigation into the crash of Fl. 990 if he valued his health; it was also stated that our sources actions were being monitored

It was sent from the clandestine base at MONTAUK, through a dedicated server in Washington D.C.!! BINGO!!


There are still some major unexplained mysteries about the crash. For one thing, this commercial airliner DEFINITELY made at least one unscheduled stop at Edwards Air Force Base east of Los Angeles, and according to sources, landed at one, perhaps even two OTHER military facilities. The jet almost certainly stopped at ANDREWS AFB outside Washington, D.C. before going on to N.Y. We've also been told that the jet landed at White Sands missile base in New Mexico after leaving Edwards. Even ONE such landing by a (foreign at that) commercial airliner at a military base is literally unheard of unless there were a dire emergency: two or three is completely beyond any and all bounds of normalcy

Then, there's the truly unusual issue of FBI psychologist Ed McLaughlin, a specialist in grief counseling families of crash victims, who got off the plane in N.Y.... just before it crashed. This individual was standing in front of microphones discussing how he and EgyptAir were going to handle notifying victims' families mere HOURS after he disembarked and the flight crashed: an undeniably bizarre and suspicious aspect.

What makes this even MORE suspicious is that in his initial, EXTREMELY brief statement to the press, McLaughlin NEVER ONCE mentioned that he had JUST BEEN ON THE FLIGHT!! CNN discovered the fact when going over the passenger list and THEY were the ones who publicized this extraordinarily odd fact, which was subsequently confirmed by all relevant parties and agencies. WHY did McLaughlin avoid mentioning he had just gotten of the doomed plane? Several sources have suggested to us McLaughlin may have planted an onboard explosive before disembarking, which MAY have been a factor in the disaster. (As we noted in our articles of the JFK Jr. crash, agencies implementing such events have backup systems in place ready to be deployed as insurance that one way or another, the bird is going down, no matter what, even if one of the systems or devices of destruction were to fail or just to make triply sure the target is completely destroyed.)

There's yet ANOTHER massively bizarre aspect to the crash. WHERE ARE THE 217 BODIES? Not only were NO bodies visible in classified photos of the plane wreckage on the ocean floor, after 2 weeks it's INCONCEIVABLE that bodies would not float to the surface. Only ONE body has supposedly been recovered to date, and suspiciously, that body has NEVER BEEN IDENTIFIED.

After preliminary analysis of both the data and voice recorders, government agencies have effectively ruled out anything like hijacking, "suicide" or any conceivable mechanical failure (like the "thrust reverser" fairy tale they attempted briefly to propound), although they and the U.S. press have been VERY reluctant to say that intentional, "terroristic" destruction of the plane is the most likely--indeed the ONLY--remaining credible possibility. This is in stark contrast with the press in rest of the world.

NewsHawk pledges to continue digging for the truth about the extraordinary, outrageous incident of official state-sponsored terrorism and to bring the truth TO LIGHT as the story develops further.

-- Researcher (Research@myinterest.com), December 13, 1999


Three days spent investigating, with no access to wreckage, and you've got it all figured out. Right. Oh, by the way, this is a Y2K forum. The assumption on your part that people who are interested in the Y2K problem must be interested in any and all conspiracy theory crap is wrong. Go peddle your crap elsewhere.

-- for real (for@real.com), December 13, 1999.

Hehehehehehehehehehehe...too good. A real shame you can't draw a salary for it though.

-- Rob (maxovrdrv51@hotmail.com), December 13, 1999.

Ummmmm, nope. (And I thought MY creative journalism was bad!!!)

-- Deb M. (vmcclell@columbus.rr.com), December 13, 1999.

I think the Christmas goose is certainly ready. 'Cause someone is as fulla sh*t as one.


-- Wildweasel (vtmldm@epix.net), December 13, 1999.

A small private jet with radar capable of detecting a SAM? Some jet...give me a break.

BTW...have you ever seen what a "body" looks like after a plane crash? You find bits of skin floating on the water after a high angle of attack-high velocity impact. Most of the rest is a compressed mass in whatever is left of the fusilage.

-- Darby (DarbyII@AOL.com), December 13, 1999.

OFF-TOPIC! Another hysterical rant devoid of credibility.

-- Irving (irvingf@myremarq.com), December 13, 1999.

So...Researcher...are you prepared for Y2k...? Or are you too busy researching? Why don't you research your way into a few food stores and stock up in these few days remaining...

-- Psychotic (y2k@doom&gloom.com), December 13, 1999.

tsk, tsk, tsk - me thinks thou protesteth too loudly...

the particle beam angle seems entirely plausible;

the obvious relevance to Y2k is the continued dissemination of .gov bullshit - or silence - take your pick


-- Perry Arnett (pjarnett@pdqnet.net), December 13, 1999.

Particle beams won't propagate through atmosphere. You need a high vacuum. Best way to down a plane is to hit it with a large, preferably explosive, object. Next best is a larger number of smaller objects. They're called missiles and bullets. Sabotage, bombs or incendiaries in the luggage, and deranged pilots also work quite well.

Every time a certain academic encounters a journalist asking about death rays (etc.), he shows them his four-watt (CW) laser and comments "yes, you could just about kill one of those folks down there with this laser".

"Yes?" drools the journo.

"Yes. You could push it out of the window onto one of them. Or if you're strong enough, you could carry it downstairs and bash them over the head with it".

If anyone is offended by my flippant tone attached to an event in which a lot of people died, sorry. But a plane's more at risk from a flatulent pilot than it is from a particle beam.

-- Nigel Arnot (nra@maxwell.ph.kcl.ac.uk), December 14, 1999.

Bwahahahahahaha.... Get REAL and lay off the acid.

-- XOR (drwizzard@usa.net), December 16, 1999.

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