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I have seen postings of others who suggest getting the Panasonic MPEG Encoder. I have yet to find any links (that work) to more information on attaining this package. Can anyone offer some info as to where I can get a copy of this?

-- Shawn K. (, December 13, 1999


As I have posted several times on this site:

has version 2.21.

It works well but you will have to be selective in what transitions you use, it quite often breaks up with scroll & crawl titles.

-- Ross McL (, December 13, 1999.

That link is dead, thats why I said links that work.

-- Shawn K (, December 14, 1999.

Go directly to the Panasonic Wondertainment website itself where you can get said encoder, stand-alone or Adobe Premiere plug-in version, for $80. Beats Xing's $250. encoder in nearly all aspects anyday. I didn't store the link but it's a Japan site. It used to be available on such personal sites in xoom and geocities but they have since apparently clamped down on those who distribute such s/w for free for "evaluation purposes only", whatever that means.

-- EMartinez (, December 14, 1999.

try this: Rgds,


-- Matias (, December 16, 1999.

You guys might like to know:

Currently available encoders apparently only handle type 2 avi's so captures done by the beaut ADS Pyro card cannot be handled directly by Panasonic and LSX.

Hope they will do something about that as Ulead is pretty poor as a program and as an encoder. I did some tests on stills and it was great but when I got to motion it was un acceptable so I have had to go back to producing type 2 avi's as a source for those encoders.

-- Ross McL (, December 16, 1999.


If its dead, how come I just loaded (even though I do not need it) another copy of Panasonic 2.21 from that Powerkiller site, at 12.5 K/s it did not take long.

So I repeat its available at the site I said it was available at AND the link works. Maybe you would like me to send it to ya!

-- Ross McL (, December 16, 1999.

It was dead a few days ago when I posted that, the link for the Panasonic encoder (along with a few others) gave me a geocities page which said that the page or document no longer existed. I found it at an another location last night, thanks for the help though.

-- Shawn K. (, December 17, 1999.

Which link is that??

-- EMartinez (, December 19, 1999.

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