Hoiping to be stranded because of Y2K?

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Less than two weeks to Christmas, less than three weeks to rollover and lots of people at work are discussing holiday travel plans. I don't normally eavesdrop but when the term "Y2K" comes up, for some reason I just can't help paying attention.

Today's lunchroom chatter had quite a few people discussing travel plans also making Y2K references. Listening to what was said I could almost swear everyone involved was implying that their holidays destination was someplace that they would not mind being stranded in for an extended Y2K stay.

The first remarks were about someone "going to a freind's place in Montana for Christmas, New Year's and the first week of next year". That got the ears perked up. The other person in that conversation mentioned she was "going to visit family in central Florida and if Y2K hits, well it's seventy degrees there versus sub-freezing here".

So far I've noted about a dozen such travel plan revelations. Most seem headed towards family the western or central US. Almost all responded to someone's Y2K comment with remarks which seemed to indicated they'd be perfectly happy if they got Y2K-stranded at their hoiliday destinations.

But certainly the strangest one was the conversation where the guy involved was describing an expected visit from family from Hawaii. He just couldn't understand why someone would want to leave Honolulu and come to upstate New York for a winter vacation. May be someone feels it's better to face hard a winter and not hungry neighbors on an island that may be cut-off from its food supply.

Has anyone else been noticing such Y2K twists in their freind's, neighbor's and co-worker's holiday travel plans?


-- Wildweasel (vtmldm@epix.net), December 13, 1999

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