Why did he write the way he wrote?

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Why did Poe write in such a graphic way? I need some help researching this and I am hopping people have a good thought on this queston: Wht Poe wrote the way he wrote.

thanks -Bill- Blivid316@aol.com

-- Anonymous, December 13, 1999


Poe was a very disturbed person but also very advanced for his time. He had many problems early on in his life. Going to a foster family at a very young age and being torn away from his love and being forced to move. Poe expressed him self greatly through his writing an it shows in every way. Maybe he wrote to put objections behind him, or maybe of truth. No one really knows but it is certain that is life was a very difficult one and his poetry very brilliant. I hope i caould help. Please feel free to email me with any further questions!

-- Anonymous, December 24, 1999

Poe's life was one of hardship, but he also struggled to produce literature. Any writer knows that, you try to get published for one of two reasons. either to change the world (become famous) or to make food money. Either way, he wrote to an audience in a negative manner to scare people away from his lifestyle. Hopethis helps.

-- Anonymous, January 08, 2000

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