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Ok, I have posted some of this in other threads, but this deserves one of its own now. I shop at a Brookshire's grocery store in north Texas. Smallish, but not really small, either.

For weeks and weeks now, they have had a page in their weekly circular that is bigger than the other pages and it is titled

"STOCK YOUR PANTRY UP!" Typically features tuna, diapers, tp, bottled water, and canned veggies.

Then about 4 wks ago, an addition on the bottom of the page in big bold print:

"CODATED ITEMS CAN BE STORED FOR UP TO TWO YEARS" Then another sentence about items with expiration dates...can't remember the particular sentence.

I go in there yesterday and the first thing you see is a HUGE sign that says Y2K AWARENESS. Behind it is literally a WALL of bottled water. I nearly fall over. I didn't have time to ask anyone about it yesterday, so today I go in and ask the manager about it. It has always been an extraordinarily friendly store, that is one of the biggest reasons I shop there. He is very nice. Here is our conversation:

Me: "I was just wondering, does Brookshire's think that people should stock up on some basics?" Him: "Well, obviously we don't want to tell people what to do (HUH??? That's what advertising is! Shop here! Shop here!) but we do think it would be wise to have a few things in your house." I pointed out the circular to him and he beamed and said that was HIS idea and that management actually agreed to put it in. He was very proud. At this point I am guessing he is a GI, so I say "So do you mind if I ask you if you are preparing?" Him: "Weeeeeelll, I think you would be pretty silly not to, but you know, I mean I don't have a WHOLE lot of stuff."

(I wanted to say, "Yeah, right, and neither do I" wink, wink)

He then plugs the fact that the bottled water is .68 a gallon. I take that as my cue, thank him and go on my merry way.


Congratulations, Brookshire's. Yeah, maybe you think you are being clever and trying to cash in on fear, but hey, WHAT fear? Like I said in another thread, people were reaching AROUND the water to reach the bags of chocolate chips, coconut, Crisco, and canned pumpkin. I even heard a lady GRIPE about the water display. She said "Isn't that dangerous?" It wasn't stacked THAT high!

-- preparing (, December 13, 1999


Cool, preparing :-) Wonder if that store will become popular in about, oh, 2 weeks LOL

Will the denial go to the wire?

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, December 13, 1999.

"Will the denial go to the wire?"

A & L if you are asking me, I would say YES, completely, at least in my neck of the woods. I am beginning to doubt if there will be much panic before the 31st. Actually, I take that back, there will probably be some slight panic RIGHT before. But NOT before Christmas. As someone else on this board put it so succinctly, we have our collective heads here in Texas so FAR up Santa's *SS it will take a while to get it out. Sorry if you got a visual on that! ;-)


-- preparing (, December 13, 1999.

I've been noticing things at stores during the past few months, but have never seen "Y2K" mentioned at a grocery store. I think I look a little out of place at Costco during Xmas, with my bags of rice and canned chili. Too bad people aren't finally GI, now is better than later... I'm beginning to wonder if people won't wait until after the first, when things actually start to fall apart.

Ya gotta hand it to Bill & Kosky, they are masters at playing the populace...

-- No Polly (, December 13, 1999.

I have been in Sam's Club every week for the last month. I went in there today to get a few bags of rice. They now have a great deal more bulk packages of staples than before. 50 lb rice about $10, 25 lb bags of self rising flour $3.87, #10 can of diced tomattos $2.93, #10 can of green beans $3.79, and many more. Needless to say I got some. I'd say Sam's Club Gets It!

-- Southern Gentleman (deep south@deep, December 13, 1999. guys are so obsessed that you are missing the forest for the trees. They are not getting "it". They are getting business and making MONEY. Who makes out? The stores that get people to stock up.

-- Freethinkr (, December 13, 1999.


The stores aren't taking advantage of us, we know what we're doing.

Besides, this is "insurance" that we can eat... There's no loss.

-- No Polly (, December 13, 1999.

Freethinker, you don't read the ends of posts, do you? At the end of the original post on this thread, I entertained the notion that it could just be potentially taking advantage of fear. But I dismissed it. Why? WHAT FEAR?????? Like I said, ladies intent like hell on doing their holiday baking were nearly falling over the dadgum water display to get at the baking crap located behind it. As I said, a lady even GRIPED about the display!

Oh yeah, they are COMPLETELY taking advantage of us, the bastards! I would be happy if it spurred someone on to buying a bit water, maybe some tuna and extra tp. What the hell is wrong with that?

-- preparing (, December 13, 1999.

What fear? Look in the mirror. This site is filled with people that are on the verge of mental breakdown. All I'm saying is that this guy's boss is going to think he is genius after their sales spike by playing to people's fears.

-- Freethinkrq (, December 13, 1999.

Jeez People ! YOU don't get it !!

The Silent Majority has "gotten it" for a long time. Just keeping a low profile. Just because you don't see masses of people carrying out massive amounts of bulk products, you think everyone else is stupid. NOT !!

We have been and will continue to buy a little extra , today, tomorrow. Different stores. Been doing this for months and months.

Why do you think the economy is soaring ??

-- Is AnyOne Home? (, December 13, 1999.

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