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I know, you don't have any, right? You do all your shopping online, right? Yeah yeah, bite me! There is no possible way you can buy everything online, so you MUST have something to bitch about.

-- Christine (, December 13, 1999


We've done No Shopping. Not yet. We're planning to wait as long as possible this year in order to let the horror and stress build to the breaking point. I mean, what is Christmas without a nervous breakdown?

Your entry was hysterical, Christine, and you are to blame for my being caught giggling and snorting at my computer screen and having to do a lame switch to a spreadsheet that didn't fool anyone when a (very handsome) member of the corporate staff paid me a surprise visit this morning.

Thanks, girl.

-- (, December 13, 1999.

I have horror stories, but they are all from the other side of the counter! I managed a bookstore, and while 99% of the customers were lovely people, or at least inoffensive people, the other 1% gave me grey hairs. People like the man who drove all of the other customers out of the store with his overwhelming B.O. And the woman who called on Dec. 23 to ask if we had a book, she didn't know what it was called, but it had three words in the title and one of them was "of". And the man who got so angry when he was told that he couldn't cut to the front of the line that he threw an armload of books at me. Now I do almost all of my shopping online and the rest I do very early in the season.

-- Cara (, December 13, 1999.

I love shopping. I'm a great shopper. I can take all day to find one thing or I can do an entire town's Christmas shopping in an afternoon if I get on a roll. I love the atmosphere, I love finding the unexpected gifts, I love bumping into shopping-weary people I know with panicked looks on their faces, it's great fun. My Dad used to own a general store, a real general store where you could get everything you would want to get in a general store and I used to work there a lot (it was attached to the house through the front hall) and I grew to enjoy the brief conversations shopping would inspire. It's in my blood. Merry Christmas!

-- Michael (, December 15, 1999.

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