911 outage in Atlanta Area

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The 911 system covering 3 counties in Metro Atlanta area went down for approximately 13 minutes this past Friday morning. Initial reports indicated a system glitch occured during Y2K testing, which brought the system down.

Later reports indicated the testing was in no way related to the Y2K preparations being undertaken.

Last report I heard indicated that the IT folks were doing some "y2K paperwork" when the outage occurred, and oh, BTW, don't all pick up your phones at midnight on the 31st, or the next morning "just to see if it's working". That will overload the system.

These were all radio news reports I heard. There was a story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, but it's currently in the stacks, and I really don't want to pay for the article ($5.95 for 20 articles in 24 hours)

So, If anyone else has a valid link to a story about this, by all means join in!

-- Duke 1983 (Duke1983@AOL.com), December 13, 1999


It was Bellsouth that was running y2k tests, but she assured us that it was all on paper, and it was just a coincidence. Don't have link, but I did see the Bellsouth rep on the news Friday.

-- b (nah@rathernot.com), December 13, 1999.

And the AJC was the paper whose headline said that a jury duty court summon to "report January 3, 1900" was NOT a Y2K-induced error.

But they (the national press) are not trying to coverup (or hide) problems, are they?

By the way, Philedelphia also sent out jury summons for 1900 - but their mayor admitted it, and got the summon re-issued with the correct date. Made it VERY clear that the date would NOT be an excuse to miss jury duty.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), December 13, 1999.

Sorry, Y2K admission is not allowed.

-- thought police (NOTy2k@NOT.NO, NEVER), December 13, 1999.

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