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ThIS POEM IS NOT Y2K COMPLIENT Twas the night before new years and all through the house, The larder's all packed and no room for a mouse. There's Baygen radio's w/solar and batteries galore and before the herd moves I'll go back for more! There's bullets and bacon,and tuna in cans and as ex-Special Forces I've made lots of plans. N0 banking,who cares,I can live without cash and I care not one whit if the markets all crash. Spare parts for jalopies with stashes of oil. In the garden out back I've prepared all the soil. In the pig pen out back my porkers are fat and I'll do them all in at the drop of a hat. The report from the chicken yard is even much better With ducks and rhode islands,watched by my old irish setter. For years I've conjouled,I've intreated.I've preached. But the great unwashed masses I've failed to reach! A bump on the road,the government's stated. But for news of compliency I've patiently waited. Fix on failure the mantra I've heard. But soon yuppie life styles fly south with the birds. There will be knashing of teeth and cry's of great terror. When the herd discovers the projections were error. First the power grid goes down with a terrible crash. Interrupting the drunks at the great New Years bash. Not long after,when their toilets they flush. They'll find their floors covered with brown ,stinking mush. Soon after,the stores will be rushed and be looted. And before troops can arrive the "perps" will have scooted. As supplies all run out and bellies are growling. Revenge on the "Gummint",the people are howling. Stand by for white buses will be the first order. With highways closed from border to border. And out in the FEMA camps, the great unwashed masses. In old army tents,will all attend classes. You'd better listen closely to orders and lessons. And give the guards deference ,to all that they mention. To enjoy MRE's they infrequently ration. Now those in the know,have prepped without fear. And will shelter and feed those they hold dear. Called extremists and worse by those in high places. Those self same officials with egg on their faces. And the preppers will laugh at the White House distress. And the bankers and corporations who created this mess. With their greed and lies and the strict party line. It's a bump in the road so have a good time. Don't heed tomorrow,don't save but just spend! Is it any wonder we've come to this end? But after it's over and the dust settles out. Those left alive will most certainly shout. Back to basics,at home,plants and school. No more will we be the industrialists fool. To bend over daily while they change every rule. Out UN,out WTO and all of the rest. We've been had once too often. So out with this mess. We'll clean house for sure,of this I am certain! And on corporate control we will bring down the curtain. And safely embarked on a "Steady State" course. We will look to the future with out any remorse. And build the new order,out of the ashes. One thing I know that after it crashes We will build it anew,without "planned obsolensence. With freedom for ALL,and a return of our senses. So GREETINGS I send to all of the sheeple. Who after it all,will become again PEOPLE! And reclaim their rights, constitutional rights, folks now really need them! In closing,I will most ecstatically state. that after this shake out ,things will be Great! Happy NEW MILLENNIUM to all!-----H fats Kissinger

-- H.fats Kissinger (, December 12, 1999


You know, H.fats, you make me think of Gorbechev. Not that he would write anything that could be misconstrued as intelligent.

-- Dbaby (, December 12, 1999.

uh. That's a compliment.

-- Dbaby (, December 12, 1999.

Nice work Fats!!!

If you put as much work into your preps as you did into this epoch poem, you'll be in good shape.

Keep your powder dry.

The Selkie

-- selkie (, December 13, 1999.

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