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I'm designing a multi-format panoramic view camera that will handle image sizes 6x17, 6x12, and 6x9. Does anyone know the EXACT size of these images on film? I think some of these sizes are approximations, and I would like to know the 'standard' dimensions of the image on the film. Thanks!

-- Ray Dunn (, December 12, 1999


I don't believe that there is an official standard. The sizes vary just little bit from camera to camera, the important thing is to get your spacing right. I shoot (or have shot) with the 6x17 V-Pan, the Fuji G617, the Linhof 617, and Horseman & Sinar roll film backs and the medium format Noblex. There are slight length differences between all of them but they don't particularly bother me. Image height is right around 54.5 mm. Have you checked with the Panoramic Images agency in Chicago ( or the International Association of Panoramic Photography(http:// Good luck to you on your project. I'll be very interested to hear about your camera.

-- Ellis Vener (, December 12, 1999.

I have seen a (Japanese) magazine mention that there is a JIS standard for some of the sizes. According to the same magazine (Asahi Camera) the standard for 6x9 is 56x84mm. It also stated that there is no standard for 6x7. I would not be surprised to find that there is also no standard for 6x12 or 6x17, but 2x and 3x of 56mm would be a very good start. (56mm square is the "standard" for 6x6, but I don't remember seeing if that was a JIS, DIN or other standard)

-- mike rosenlof (, December 16, 1999.

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