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Please forgive if this has been asked before. (In searching through the Communtications category I could not find an answer.)

I would like to purchase a Short Wave receiver with the ability to moninor Single Side Band broadcasts of ham operators.

Apparently Radio Shack doesn't make such a receiver? (Per my visit to a store, a peruse of the catalogue and discussion with the manager.)

Could someone please give me a brand, model no. and approximate cost?

-- listening (, December 12, 1999


I'm not surprised that the Radio Shack manager doesn't know his own products. I usually ask them to open the box for the display model so I can read the manual myself. I think they also have them on their web site (use Altavista or another search engine to find the URL).

Anyway, their model DX-398 does have SSB reception capabilities. There's an "AM MODE" button that cycles through USB, LSB, and normal AM reception. If I remember correctly around $280 but bought mine on sale for around $200.

You might also consider a scanner for higher frequencies (above 30 MHz) to monitor police activity. But if your local PD uses a trunking system you would have to buy a more expensive model (Radio Shack also has a book with a list of frequencies for about $12, you might buy that first to learn more, or search the Internet.)



-- Mikey2k (, December 12, 1999.

Thanks Mikey2k--

I checked that model number on the online Radio Shack cataglogue. When I was in the store the manager pulled the DX-398 off the shelf, fiddled with it, and mumbled something about a button, but couldn't seem to determine if it had single side band capability. After further discussion he decided it didn't.

The answer was there in the catalogue description I assume...USB=Universal Side Band?

What does LSB stand for?

Thanks in advance.

-- listening (, December 12, 1999.

there are two "single side-bands": upper and lower, so...

USB = upper sideband and LSB = lower sideband

the lower ham bands use Lower sideband and the higher ham bands (and CB radio, which is also "high") use upper sidebnad

-- joe (, December 12, 1999.

Any shortwave radio that has a switch marked "BFO" (Beat Frequency Oscillator) can be used for SSB reception. The BFO adds the internal frequency to allow sideband to be heard in the audio range.

Even regular receivers can be used if they are sufficiently "selective" in their frequency response. Just tune off to one side of the signal and you might be able to get some "intelligible" communication. (You tend to hear "modulations" of the voice or the clicks and pops of "speech" more than the actual voice. It sometimes takes a good imagination to "decipher" what is being said.)

I have found that USB and LSB are both used and about equally although recent convention may differ (it's been a few years for me.)

Best regards,

-- Joe (, December 13, 1999.

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