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I'm looking for information about the Canon 533G flash. I asume it is designed for the FD mount cameras, and I think it's a big handle mount design. Anybody know where I could find info, or do you know any of its specifications? GN, zoom, tilt, swivel, batteries, manual power controls, auto f:stops, that sort of thing. Thanks

-- Jim Strutz (, December 11, 1999


Try this one: a1/html/index6.htm

-- David Hinderaker (, December 11, 1999.

Yes Jim, the 533G is a big potato masher type flash.GN of 36 @ ASA 100 in metres, about 108 in feet. No zoom, but light spreaders for lenses 24-100mm tilt and swivel yes,six AA batteries, slow synch/manual controls. 3 auto stops. I like its rugged construction and simple layout, great for weddings etc. Let me know if you want more.

-- peter knowlden (, February 16, 2000.

I have the 577G, and it has a separate battery holder and charger, so it probably weight a bit less. It has a guide number of 48 as compared to the 36: 1 stop. I had to buy new batterycells for the NiCd-part, so total cost would be 1000+400NOK=US$ 180. For that price I could get a Metz 45-cl4, and the Metz have more possibillities: It can use equipment for charging from a car or from the net, and it is possible to put on TTL for my T90, it has more aperture to choose from and it has an extra reflector for fill in flash.

-- Xyvind Dahle (, March 06, 2000.

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