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How Charles P. Reuben gets from point A to point B is an impressive feat of legerdemain and a classic study in misconstruction.


-- 20 (days@to.go), December 11, 1999


Too funny. CPR and his band of luvable self-congratulatory losers like Bad Company, The Engineer, Doc Paulie. CPR really has a need for attention, doesn't he?

-- Laughing (, December 11, 1999.


The gene pool could use a little chlorine.


-- snooze button (, December 11, 1999.

Remember the lonely guy in that Steve Martin film that couldn't get a date? Must have been a polly loser. LOL!

-- John (, December 11, 1999.

What is the advantage of insulting an honest man like Ed?

-- Mara (, December 11, 1999.


CPR and friends,

Boldly Going Nowhere.


-- snooze button (, December 11, 1999.

Of the y2k obsessives out there my little buddy CEEPER is definately the most fun to watch. While we scurry to save ourselves he tirelessly attempts to save us from ourselves. What a guy.

-- Carlos (, December 11, 1999.

Maybe Chemtrails 2000 is not a good name for this forum after all. How about CPR Bashing 2000, as this is one of the numerous threads in honor of Mr. Reuben today.

-- Butt Nugget (, December 11, 1999.

That's ok with me, Butt Nugget. Like CPR doesn't froth at the mouth against TB 2000? Too funny. CPR and his messiah complex would seem more fitting in a padded room, don't you think?

-- haha (, December 11, 1999.

CPR is at his wit's end --it is true that he had not far to go.

- Lord Byron

-- Lord Byron (, December 11, 1999.

Well, another day, another anti-CPR posting. Let's clear it all up again. cpr is basically a search engine unto himself, finding myriad news stories and placing them on the debunking site. He presents positive news...from real sources (not rumor, not friend of a friend of a friend and not the 'I've got a feeling about this' style so apt to be found here) and he calls the doomlit 'heroes' on the carpet for their past track records of faulty predictions.

I am sure the intellectually constipated here would love cpr to go away, as he constantly acts as the antithesis of the goings-on here and constantly reminds even the most ardent doomer of their leadership's failings. Jeez, your last 20 days as a social club would be wonderful if it weren't folks like him! What a party-pooper he is!

Yet, I would challenge anyone here to debate him about remediation efforts, embedded chips, or industry sources. Yeah, but I'd all rather back out because you don't want to get involved with him or the forum regulars at Debunking Y2K. Yawn.

As stated yesterday to the overly moronic Ohio Bob's posting about, cough, hack 'polly's', you have mistakenly chosen the worth of the political camp spot over the search for the truth in all of this. You have forgotten all about the agendas of those who do the speaking, and you have substituted true sources for rumor and 3rd person re-telling of stories. Most of all, your tunnel vision has clouded your judgment so much that those who do not swallow your ridiculous, sky-is-falling mentality are in denial about 'possibilities'.

That makes little sense, but then again, so does the continued rant against cpr.

-- Bad Company (, December 11, 1999.

Charles Reuben is on the record as estimating that on a 0-10 scale, Y2k's effects will only amount to a 0.5 (yes, a zero point five).

We'll see next year how good of a prognosticator CPR really is. Charlie in my opinion is seriously underestimating what Y2k's impact on global trade will do to the U.S. Next year will be make or break time for Charlie Reuben's credibility.

-- What (the@experts.think), December 11, 1999.

With regard to the above posting about Charlie's prognosis for y2k, here are some interesting questions:

--after what duration can one make the conclusion about the severity of the 'y2k storm'? Can anyone safely say just when the idea of faulty code will have definitely passed?

--and that leads to number 2: can y2k alone ever really be the instrument of disastrous economic times? (short of economic teotwawki)?

I remember someone asking about the posting public's call on a 1-10 scale and quickly realized that if you take out y2k, such events are possible anyway.

Since even at this late date y2k is an unknown entity when it comes to future health and happiness, conversely, can anyone ever truly look back and say that unemployment, recession/depression, corporate and personal bankruptcies, et al, were ALL a byproduct of y2k? Contributing factors? Possibly. Sole reason? Maybe a long shot.

In essence then, such polls are wonderful conversation pieces, but will they ever really be looked at with wonder at a future date?

-- Bad Company (, December 11, 1999.

Bad says: "cpr is basically a search engine unto himself, finding myriad news stories and placing them on the debunking site. He presents positive news...from real sources (not rumor, not friend of a friend of a friend and not the 'I've got a feeling about this' style so apt to be found here) and he calls the doomlit 'heroes' on the carpet for their past track records of faulty predictions."

Bad, are we talking about the same person? Because here's a nice, positive fact-filled post from cpr in response to a post about Poole's disruptive pack of lies posted on this forum a few months ago.


It wasn't a lie. It was a deliberately planted false story.

[WAIT!!! Read that again, please. "It wasn't a lie. It was a deliberately planted false story." Yes, that's what cpr wrote. What kind of twisted mind and values create THAT leap of logic???]

Posted by ( cpr on October 30, 1999 at 19:55:18:

In Reply to: Thanks again to Stephen posted by anonymous on October 30, 1999 at 18:57:03:

And many of us knew long before hand off line that he was going to do it. The reaction of the Cult [Timebomb forum participants] was beyond what we expected. [Not that anyone from Debunking ever plans anything destructive against this forum, oh no, certainly not, it's all just a joke.]

It makes nice additions to future text books of the Net inducing hysteria. [Don't tell me one of the Debunkers is going to write a book and MAKE MONEY off Y2K! Horrors!]

Most of the time, the people online on EY or other forums haven't a clue about how they are being deliberately manipulated. [That's right, we're such gullible idiots, aren't we, shouldn't be allowed out without an attendant.]

I for one, now believe that many of the "troll" posts are planted by the "moderators" both on EY's PIT and Hyatt's Hell. [That's funny, because I believe many of them are posted by cpr's Debunking acolytes.]

EY enters the picture whenever he needs to get the "fear level" bubbling up. [Oh, sure, I've noticed Ed coming over regularly to stir the fear pot--NOT! So laughable--Ed hardly ever posts at TB2K any more]


THIS is the person you're defending, Bad Company?

-- Let's bash cpr (one@more.time), December 11, 1999.

'Basher', I posted this to cpr and asked him to expound. I wasn't around 'a few months ago' and don't know the details. At the same time, please note that I do not feel the need for a Pied Piper, thank you, as I can stand on my own two feet with regards to this issue and make my own decisions. In that regard, I continue to offer an appreciation for Charlie's dedicated work at Debunking Y2K and will continue to say that I appreciate links and sources.

I also appreciate the guts he has to catalog a track record and make inquiries into the faulty predicitions which were made. It is quite clear that Charlie has a disdain for the individuals leading around so many by the nose, and yet, I am doubtful that anyone travels to that site to be a part of that club. In my own case, I appreciate the info.

And 'Basher', you may have noticed that cpr and the regulars there post a lot of links, quote a lot of sources and let many more sources de-bunk a lot of myths that tend to fly here as being factual, when more likely, it is paranoid propaganda.

That's the point of my 'defense', 'Basher'. The De-Bunking site offers me a balance. There are reasons for pessimism here with a lot of news stories and there is quite a lot of reason for optimism there for the same reason.

All the same, I gave cpr the benefit of responding to your posting.

-- Bad Company (, December 11, 1999.

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