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I am thinking of storing my blue plastic (Rubbermaid) Kero cans fully filled in the trunk of my car through the rollover. I dont drive much (2-3 miles a day) and the trunk is free of sharp items to poke the cans. Temps here at this time of year go from high of 60f down to 10f so I dont expect heat being a problem.

I know K1 (1K) is COMBUSTIBLE and not FLAMMABLE so I was wondering if putting the kero in cans in the trunk is ok. I would check up on them daily.

Its easier than coming up with a shed for it and safer than storing in the building. What say you all ??.

-- hamster (, December 11, 1999


Can you not conceal them under a tarp or a pile of junk in the backyard or maybe in plain view outside but chained throught the handles to something? I doubt if anyone stealing it would have empty cans on hand to transfer it.

-- John (, December 11, 1999.

Totally safe. There was a link recently to the National Kerosene Heaters (or Heating?) Association with all the specs on kerosene, its flashpoint, etc. somewhere between 384 and 540 Fahr. And that's just to get the stuff to light. I would have no reservations whatever about storing kero in the trunk.

-- Roch Steinbach (, December 11, 1999.

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