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I would love to read some "real world" comments on the Fuji C. According to most comments, the Nikkor M 300/9 is an excellent choice for landscape photography, but is somewhat limited for 8x10. The G-Claron has a better coverage for 8x10 but is slightly larger and optimized for close-ups. According to the Fuji specs sheet, the Fuji C 300/8.5 has the coverage of the G-Claron (but I have seen some doubts expressed on this) and is lighter and more luminous than the Nikkor. The slight price difference is probably due to the confidential distribution. What about it's performances? Is it as sharp, contrasty and optimized for distance work as the Nikkor is? Any comment on the bigger brother, the Fuji C 450/11? Thank you!

-- Paul Schilliger (, December 11, 1999


I've owned both the Nikkor 300M and the Fuji 300C. Both are superb lenses. I thought my Fuji was slightly more contrasty than my Nikkor. The Fujinon was a bit smaller as well. Both lenses are optimized for distant subjects, but the Fujinon would be my choice if 8x10 was even a possibility due to its large coverage.

-- Glenn C. Kroeger (, December 11, 1999.

I owe both the 300 and 450 fuji. I find them to be wonderfully sharp and contrasty. The 450 is a 12.5 not f11. They both take 52mm filter and the 450 is only slightly bigger then the 300.

-- steve rosen (, December 11, 1999.

Well, your comments speak for themselves. This Fujinon should be my choice. I just received from Japan some illustrated catalogs, thanks David ! A nice guy out there.

-- Paul Schilliger (, December 15, 1999.

i use the Fuji 300&450 lenses,both are superb, although I haven't used the Nikkor. 8x10 coverage with the 300 is adequate, but doesn't allow too much movement before the corners go soft. I picked up a 305 G claron in barrel for a song, so I just exchange elements with the 300 fuji for 8x10. The 305 G claron will cover 8x20.

-- Harold Clark (, December 17, 1999.

I have gathered some information on these three lenses from the manufacturers specs.

The Nikkor M 9/300 is 4 elements in three groups, 290g, filter size 52, angle of view is 57!, image circle is 325mm at f/22. The Fujinon C 8.5/300 is 4 elements in 4 groups, 250g, filter size 52, angle of view is 66! (!), image circle is 380mm at f/22. The G-Claron 9/300 is 6 elements in 4 groups, 460g, filter size 67, angle of view is 64!, image circle is 381mm at f/22. This lens is optimized for repro work (5:1 to 1:5) but works for infinity when stopped down to f/22 or less. (Schneider source) All three available in copal #1. Their price varies a lot from the sources. According to Harold's appreciation, one would think that manufacturers have perhaps different standards for evaluating the criterias of their lenses! It could be interesting if someone would carry a comparative test.

In the 450mm range, the Nikkor M 9/450 is in Copal#3, 640 g (!) , filter size 67, 50! angle of view and image circle is 440mm at f/22. The Fujinon C12.5/450 (!) is in copal #1, 270 g (!), filter size 52, 57! angle of view and 486mm image circle at f/22.

-- Paul Schilliger (, December 20, 1999.

To put it right, the G-Claron is 305mm, not 300mm

-- Paul Schilliger (, December 20, 1999.

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