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The Best Kept Secret in America

The Best Kept Secret in America

The Best Kept Secret in America

The IRS is illegally misusing the record of earnings collected under the Subtitle C, Employment Tax laws, to wrongfully and illegally demand that citizens pay Subtitle A income taxes on that record of earnings created under Subtitle C, strictly for the legal purpose of administering the Social Security program.

If you give a Social Security number to your employer, the IRS will eventually get around to demanding that you pay income tax on those earnings.

The information collected under the Social Security system is private information. There are penalties provided in the law for the misuse of that information. Why aren't those penalties being applied against the willfully illegal acts of the IRS regarding the illegal use of that information ?

If you don't give a Social Security number to your employer (perfectly legal, give him a statement of citizenship instead (see C.F.R. 1441-5 Claiming to be a Person Not Subject to Withholding) what information will the IRS use against you to demand income tax payments ?

THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN AMERICA is that the IRS does not issue or send correspondence to citizens who do not participate in Social Security. Their entire jurisdiction over citizens originates ONLY under Subtitle C Employment tax laws, through the citizens voluntary participation. Your participation in Social Security is their legal foundation for the claim that they have jurisdiction in your life, because under the letter of the law, THE INCOME TAX IS STILL JUST A FOREIGN TAX and a Federal "source" "Kickback", not a tax on domestic income !!! If you don't participate in Social Security and do not work for the Federal government, the IRS does not hassle you about anything, because they have no information to hassle you about, and NO jurisdiction in your life !

The IRS figures anyone foolish enough to volunteer to participate in a Ponzi Pyramid scheme like Social Security, thereby voluntarily subjecting their earnings to the employment taxes, creating "taxable income" for Social Security purposes, is probably to stupid or ignorant to defend themselves from a government claim regarding income taxes wrongfully demanded on that "taxable income". After all, if you were foolish enough to voluntarily create "taxable income" in your name, you must enjoy paying taxes and won't mind paying extra taxes that you don't really owe under the letter of the law.



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-- mice (, December 11, 1999



-- mice (, December 11, 1999.

just try to get a job without giving yer s.s no. lotsa luck.

-- ed (, December 11, 1999.

So what else is new about the US.

For the real best kept secret, which goes to the heart of lack of integrity in the government for over 200 years, see this link I posted (read the whole page, not just the first para which is in reference to the headline) and learn from the Congressional Record what the "Federal" Reserve is really all about. Once you understand, you'll see that the IRS is just the Fed's collection agenency for their loans.

-- Interested Spectator (, December 11, 1999.

Here's another best kept secret:

If you want to understand the hows and whys about jurisdictions and protection under the Constitution in the US you must first understand the difference between being a citizen of the states which united, the United States, and state citizen ship. They are not all the same, and not all grant protection under the Constituion.

In fact being a United States citizen means the Contitution does not apply to you but being a Citizen of a State does. Therefore if you give the Federal Government jurisdiction over you by being a citizen of the United States, the don't have to abide by the Consitution. To be safe you must be a State Citzen but not a US Citizen. This is possible and legal according the Supreme Court.

This is very much similar to renouncing Social Security to get out from under the IRS--which is why the Social Security people have been working on y2k the longest. Under no circumstances to they want the IRS to loose jurisdiciton over the population as that would mean the Federal Reserve looses its control over the US as its control is based on the taxing power of the Federal Government.

For more info on the various citizenships see:

-- Interested Spectator (, December 11, 1999.

Dear Interested Spectator: I realize this is trivial but it pops up so often that I'm going to say something about it. For some reason many people use the word "loose" to mean "lose". There is only one "o" in lose, not two. You lose your keys, you don't loose them (unless you're setting them free, as in "loose the virus on an unsuspecting world").

-- cody (, December 11, 1999.

For those of you interested in not paying income tax, there is an additional benefit. The government will provide you with free room and board for a few years and ruin any chance you have of a "normal" financial life for the rest of your life. Unless you wash windshields for a living, forget about it.

-- Bill (, December 11, 1999.

Now is not the time to worry about this stuff. Who cares? Will the IRS survive? That's the question.

-- Mara (, December 11, 1999.

Of course the IRS will survive. The government has the military to make sure it survives. Unless you plan to take on the US military. If you read the links you'll realize a key reason for the IRS' existance is to collect taxes to pay interest (not dept) on US Bonds. All of which are essentially issued by the US government directly or indirectly as a result of compound interest charged by the Fed when it prints its currency.

In case this is news to you, the "Federal" Reserve, a privately held bank that is not accountable or auditable by the government or the IRS, was (unconstituionally) given the exclusive right to print money. It can only print money if the new money is backed by debt (not gold any more). That debt can be anyone's debt (including Germany's invoices to Japan for munitions just before WWII) but is usually the Treasury's bonds. Now when the debt is paid back to the Fed, the printed money goes out of circulation, BUT SO DOES THE INTEREST. So there is now a shortage in the money supply and guess what the Treasury needs to borrow from the Fed the original amount PLUS the interest to restore the money supply back to what it was. Now you are paying intrest on both back to the Fed and round and round we go. All debts taken on by the Fed were guaranteed by the US government (i.e. its assets (gold, etc) and its taxing power) so when the Fed wants to get paid, they just tell the US payup or hand us some other asset, i.e. gold, which as Senator McFadden pointed out in his speach to Congress when the Fed Act was being debtated, was being sent by the truckload to Germany just before WWII.

WRT to the spelling lesson, one day I'll learn, but for now are you interested in at least learning about why you have no freedoms left, or not? Probably not, which is why you don't have any because most Americans are now content to be slaves as long as they get TV and a beer, rather than free, although they profess otherwise.

After the citizen's of what country in the world would sit idly by when its elected officals pass a law simply at the request of bankers that states that the government will not accept its own currency for payment of its own taxes (these should be paid in gold) which it levies on its citizens, but that currency should be used for all other payments.

This is exactly what Congress did in 1862 which is where the start of the current power of the Federal Reserve came from. I mean the US government announced to the world that its own currency was not good enough for itself and undermined its value. The result was the bankers then controlled gold and therefore had the US under their thumb.

As they say "Only in America". Although every central bank based economy in the world has the same racket. It all started in the 1600s in England when the Bank of England was set up in exactly the same way because the King had run out of money to fight a war and borrowed it from other wealthy people who asked for the right to print money and setup the Bank of England in return. The King granted this and they've never looked back since.

-- Interested Spectator (, December 11, 1999.

I'd like to point out that many people have claimed that there is some "magic incantation" that will make the IRS leave you alone, but they are neglecting one little point: the IRS violates your generally recognized Constitutional rights at will. Therefore, they also won't pay any attention to these "magic incantations".

The good news? They probably won't be around too much longer. Just hang in there another month or two, and with the least bit of luck, you'll be exclaiming, along with Gary North, "Free at last! God Almighty, we're free at last!!!"

-- Steve Heller (, December 11, 1999.

>> The good news? They probably won't be around too much longer. Just hang in there another month or two [...] <<

The IRS will last exactly as long as the US federal government. Apparently you are predicting the demise of the USA as a political entity. That seems remote to me.

Not that it is impossible. Every political entity dies sometime.

-- Brian McLaughlin (, December 13, 1999.

"just try to get a job without giving yer s.s no. lotsa luck."

It's deceptively easy. Either arrange to get a 1099 or just don't give them a SSN. I don't have a SSN and I am employed. No problem.

-- No SSN (, December 13, 1999.

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