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As most all of you do, I love this show. I have been a fan since its inception on Liquid TV, watching it grow to a 30-minute show was a bonus as well. Seeing end it, well, a travesty. Is, no better yet, was there a reason that it did all end? Was MTV not getting ratings? Was Peter Chung sick of the idea/concept anymore? Anyway, my point is, if there were enough people interested, would not petitioning a fringe cable channel like say the Sci-Fi channel not be a good idea? They do have some cash there and might be interested in at least running the episodes over again, maybe in hopes to Re-Raize interest... heh heh. Anyway, I guess I am just posting this to see how serious of fans we have here and if maybe this has not been tried already and it is just time for us to accept that what we have on our VHS tapes is IT. I wonder if there are legal issues surrounding WHO owns the name, likeness and such. Anyone remember old John Kricfalusi and his Ren and Stimpy cartoon, Nickelodeon had bought the program from him and hired him to create more episodes, which he did not do in time enough for him and they promptly fired him and effectively stole his show. (Which sucked afterwards due to more censoring of pieces of his old shows and from then on producing a watered down version of his once fun, but sick show). Has Peter Chung suffered a fate similar? MTV is now more powerful than ever, and frankly rather frightening, but off my soap box I will come. My point has been stated and now I ask all of you.

-- Ben Cohen (, December 11, 1999


I would worry that if a sequel program were to be made, it wouldn't be able to live up to the standard set by the original episodes. Fon Flux had its own aesthetic, both thematically and visually, which was drawn from all other television programming and [popular] culture -- but never existed so poignantly or beautifully prior to the show.

I would be in favor of seeing more [animation] programming of this style, but not necessarily Fon. Hell, I'd love to work on such a project. Fon Flux, however, is timeless, and would be better off remaining so.


PS: please don't consider my words treasonous to the show -- it is not a sort of cultural elitism that prompts me to say something like "Flux can no longer exist", rather it's the experience of having seen similar project revivals go down the tubes. Think of the Phantom Menace -- almost everyone liked it, at least to some extent, but many fans of the original found problems with it on an aesthetic level. No one can deny the influence of the need to capitalize on this movie, and let's face it, it would be unfeasible to revive Fon Flux for any other reason than to make profit -- devoted fans of the program are a minority among the viewing public, and MTV would expect a LOT of money just to hand the rights to the show over. And why would MTV pour money into reviving a quality program like Fon Flux when there's people who are willing to watch the Real World or Loveline, which cost a whole lot less?

-- Philo Farnsworth (, December 12, 1999.

Im afraid that MTV does own the name "Aeon Flux" and probably the rights to the videos, etc. This is evident in that the name/CD liner notes of the Drew Neumann Aeon soundtrack bares no traces of the words "Aeon Flux". I found an interview that Peter Chung did a while back and in it he talked about how he was interested in doing more episodes but that this would only occur if MTV okayed it. I am hoping that with 2000 finally here, there might me some internal cleaning house taking place at MTV where hopefully AEon would be rediscovered and/or the rights to which would be released. Im not sure how this would work exactly. It is curious and annoying that after almost 5 years since the original AF episodes that MTV has just sat on their asses waiting for whatever royalties they would collect from a Live action movie (in limbo) or a computer game ala Tomb Raider (cancelled). Fuck them. All MTV cares about now is showing reruns of the Real World, showcasing TRL and the latest bubblegum pop group, and looking for more underground artists to assimilate in order to keep them teetering on that border between alternative and mainstream.

-- Sandy Sligh (, January 02, 2000.

If MTV would just show some reruns and advertise it even like late at night I think alot of people would watch it not just people that have seen it in the past but also alot of the high fiver group of people that watch MTV for the mainstream shit and then maybe they could realize that this show is worthy of ALL the shit they just play over and over again and again I mean MTV used to be a channel that like parents didnt really like because of all the weird shit on it and metal and rock videos but now you all the boy bands all the snobby bitch bands and lame ass shit some one needs to give them a wake up call whats up peace J*L

-- John Longaberger (, January 03, 2000.

Oh and if any of you would like to contact MTV which I think if you like the show you should tell them whats up So go to the official MTV site go down to where it says news then below that it says headlines and more news below more news it says "tell us" go to that then go to write us and it will take you to a paragraph where it says if it is related to this click here or this click here click on shows and lets all tell those pricks to start doing something about aeon flux and all its die hard fans

-- John Longaberger (JMLJR14676@AOL.COM), January 03, 2000.

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