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One-third Aust Y2K projects incomplete: IDC

By Staff writers - 9 December, 1999

SYDNEY - More than 20 per cent of Y2K-related projects in Australia were still in progress as of December 1, according to global research by IDC.

The preliminary research reports 62 per cent of Australian companies have completed systems changes for Y2K, compared with almost 27 per cent of companies in the US. More than 56 per cent of businesses in Belgium were still working on systems. The research also reported 45 per cent of businesses would have staff "on hand" at midnight on New Years Eve.

IDC reported 40 per cent of Australian businesses did not expect trouble with their systems, but 9.2 per cent were expecting problems with office systems and a similar amount expecting difficulties with financial systems.

Almost 80 per cent of US businesses do not expect to experience system problems from Y2K.

URL: http://www2.idg.com.au/CWT1997.nsf/09e1552169f2a5dcca2564610027fd24/0358a35ea3a1087eca2568410075483d?OpenDocument


Can you say disconnect?


-- snooze button (alarmclock_2000@yahoo.com), December 10, 1999


This is a country that has prided it self as being one of the most prepared in the world.

I would love to hear from some whistleblowers regarding the latest upgrades they have had to make. Moratorium on upgrades, hahahahahaha

-- Llama man (llama@cool.net), December 10, 1999.

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