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To Kim in WI and others who ask for the phone number for Hoegger's Goat Supply...1-800-221-4628. Really nice folks, a home based business. The ship the same day or next day via UPS.

-- Goatlady (, December 10, 1999


I have to say....nice people, but she filled my order for rennet tablets with a box of 40 that is "best used by March 2000." Each tablet is good for I can't remember how many gallons of milk, so there is no way I could hope to use all the rennet by March of 2000.

And the Goats Produce Too,Book? You can probably get at least that much info by surfing the net...and correct spelling besides.

The manual cream separator, (Not the Milky) is made in Russia. The brand is the same whereever you find it. Sometimes there is an older picture in the catalogs, but it is all the same item. If you cruise the web search engines for "cream separator" you will find a company in Florida, with an unlikely name, that imports these directly, for sale to the South and Central Americas. When I checked, they were about $100, but they were out of stock. I guess they are back now, but I have cleaned my computer, and I do not have the name of the company. I just remember it was Florida, an unlikely name, and I found it by searching "cream separators." Caveat Emptor.

-- Mary (, December 10, 1999.

There are still some of the old separators out there stashed in barns from the days when they were used by dairymen. The two most popular were the DeLaval (made in Sweden) and the McCormick-Deering, a US product. At one time, I was in the business of buying, refurbishing and selling these separators -- made enough to buy my first chunk of rural land.

You might be able to find one if you live in a rural area. I bought a McCormick a few years back for about $10.00 at a farm auction. The DeLaval was by far the better-made machine. Both have stainless steel top parts, but the McCormick nearly always had breaks in soldered seams -- something seldom encountered with the DeLavals. Most likely part to wear out is the rubber O-ring gasket, which can be found at most farm or gasket supply houses. There is also a bearing at the base of the housing in which the separator bowl rests that could go bad if it sits for years without use. Stay away from the McCormick "self-washing" model. I've heard it could explode if certain parts were faulty. Most models had hand cranks and also electric motors.

Good luck...

-- (, December 10, 1999.

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