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An Y2K Tip of the Week advertisement (or PSA - Public Service Announcement) has appeared on page 9B of today's Denver Post (December 9, 1999). Information contained in "announcement" is as follows:

Y2K Tip of the Week Red Cross Guidelines

It's wise to be prepared for unexpected emergencies, such as blizzards, and Y2K is no different. The following steps will help you prepare:

- Stock enough nonperishable food, water and medications to last at least 72 hours. - Use blankets, coats and other clothing to keep warm. - Have plenty of flashlights and batteries on hand. - Keep a list of ten-digit phone numbers and addresses of the nearest hospital, fire and police stations. - Don't use open flames, grills or unventilated space heaters indoors. - Tune into KOA-850 AM for emergency information

For additional information, contact the American Red Cross at 303-722-7474 or visit

The interesting thing about this PSA or advertisement is that the logos of the Public Service Company of Colorado, US West, the City and County of Denver and the American Red Cross are at the bottom of the announcement. Because we were interested in discovering if this was a PSA or paid advertisement, we called the advertising department of the Post, left a message with the person handling this section of the paper. We have received no return call from this individual.

We just think that since all the above sponsors (excepting the American Red Cross) have claimed "readiness", this sponsorship was most interesting.

Oh, we forgot, it's called CYA!

-- kalani & katiuska (, December 09, 1999


Denver announced "fix-on-failure" for some embedded systems a year ago:

"City to tackle Y2K when time comes"

-- Linkmeister (, December 09, 1999.

I guess the guy who keeps saying

Y2K Cannot be Fixed!!

is essentially correct.

-- K. Stevens (kstevens@ It's ALL going away in, December 09, 1999.

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