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Read this article and thought it would be good to post FYI. An organization that provides "trend" information (used mostly by market forecasters, probably) has listed the top 10 trends for 2000. Here is the URL

What I thought was most interesting is how many of them can be looked at right now (on this side of the CDC) as potentially directly growing out of Y2K. Just a thought.


-- RW (, December 09, 1999


Thanks RW, but it just looks like vague ideas recycled from the 1960's. End of capitalism and industrialism, upsurge in spirituality, communes instead of atomic families, yadda yadda yadda. True, a post- rollover backlash could lead to a lot of these, but I doubt if there's a deliberate connection. It's hardly world-shaking stuff to predict "At least one major war."


The new politics. A new political party will give the USA a true multiparty system. Celente sees a libertarian party that is progressive on social and economic issues and libertarian "in the sense of government staying out of the lives of people."

Whoops, there goes any lingering credibility. ;)

-- Servant (, December 09, 1999.

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