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Did anyone just see Kathleen Hayes and Market Haines on Squawk Box/CNBC say,"Well, after January 1 when y2k is nothing, what will the bond market worry about on January 2."?? Also, Kathleen said she's not worried and doesn't have, "water, toilet paper of chili", to which Mark piped in an said sarcastically, "of Spam". You see you doomers? Everything is OK in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Of course, their gues, Ron Muhlenkamp, said he's from the Pittsburgh area and he's prepared for a three-day storm.

-- Dot (, December 09, 1999


It's the sneering arrogance of these kinds of people that is really offensive. You see it on this forum constantly from self-righteous pollies such as Paul Davis, samsbrigadoon Sherri, andy ray, and the rest of the "superior" crowd. I wonder what they'll be saying in February or March.

-- cody (, December 09, 1999.

what was their response to the question about the bond market?

-- theletterz (, December 09, 1999.

The worst part of it is, they've almost certainly seen the "39 Questions" list from Y2K newswire.

It's a whole new experience to watch them keep it all a secret and know it for sure.

-- Clyde (, December 09, 1999.

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