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This is a good site with responsible people who don't want to sell you anything. It might be worth a check for those interested in CS or anyone still waiting to make up their mind. The address is

-- me (, December 09, 1999


I have been making LVDC CS for a month now and have found much good information on this site...however, most of it is much too techinical for the average person. If you just want to browse the site, you can. If you want to pose a question, though, you have to subscribe, which means 50-100 emails a day. It can be very tedious. I've had some very quick, professional response to my inquiries there.

-- Kenin Marble (, December 09, 1999.

I have been making LVDC CS for a month now and have found much good information on this site...however, most of it is much too techinical for the average person. If you just want to browse the site, you can. If you want to pose a question, though, you have to subscribe, which means 50-100 emails a day. It can be very tedious. I've had some very quick, professional response to my inquiries there...

-- Kenin Marble (, December 09, 1999.

Colloida l Silver Info

-- me (, December 10, 1999.



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1. Colloidal Silver - Discovery Center

Welcome to The Silver Update Newsletter. This is a compilation of experiences and research on colloidal silver. This newsletter is a community effort from people around the world who have had personal experiences with colloidal silver.

Your input is very valuable to us! We will soon allow you to input your colloidal silver experiences directly into our web site! We will notify you when that feature is functional. Until then, you can email your testimonials to us at

2. Colloidal Silver - Experiences

Many excellent experiences are emailed to us daily, below are a few powerful and thought provoking testimonials of the effectiveness of colloidal silver. For a complete list of all the colloidal silver experiences on the Discovery Center go to


"I wouldn't have believed it but it happened - I had an abscessed tooth. It had been getting progressively worse for days until the weekend when on Saturday morning I could no longer take enough aspirin (nuprin) to kill the pain and keep the swelling down.

I'd heard about colloidal silver and sent my boyfriend out for it. He came home with 2 bottles telling me I needed to call the doc....(preaching) but I told him, "Let me try this first. At $60 for 2 bottles, it costs 1/2 of what I'd spend seeing our dentist & taking antibiotics for 6 weeks."

I tipped my head back and soaked the tooth area with the colloidal silver and let it absorb into my gums. I saw results in hours! The swelling went down and to this day the abscessed tooth has not bothered me again! (I still need dental work on it.)

Keep spreading the word!"

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"Recently our male cat had an eye infection which was so bad the eye wouldn't open and when I pried it open a bit it's "third eye-lid" was closed. Thinking, "Here comes another Vet bill" it suddenly occurred to me that this might be a job for CS. So I squirted about 1cc into his eye from a little syringe (needle removed!) opening his eye the best I could and the next morning (about 12 hours later) when I went to give him a second dose, the eye was so cleared up that I was uncertain about which eye had had the infection...I couldn't believe it!!! I'm still amazed and tell the story to others frequently. The eye looked COMPLETELY normal! Go figure!"

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"I am a retired chemist and I have been making CS for nearly 3 years now. I have had some great cases clear up very quickly. One case of a young man, 35, had lymphoma and the MD's gave him 2 weeks!!! I got him started on CS last Dec 1, which was about 10 to 15 PPM along with MSM. The CS he took 4 times daily and the MSM once. Within 20 days he returned to his MD and they did a blood exam and pronounced him free of malignancy!!"

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"I purchased a Robey Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator about a year ago and I am happy to report some very good results. After 15 years suffering nail fungus and trying everything on it, the 80 PPM silver has it almost cleared up. I use a sprayer attached to a peroxide bottle two or three times a day. Nails take about a year to fully grow out, so it takes patience and determination. I was afraid to use the Lamisil the doctor prescribed for fungus, as a possible side affect is kidney damage. I have also used it topically on cuts bruises and infections. I swallow about a teaspoon of 20 PPM a day and never have a sic day. I use a couple of drops of 10 PPM in my eyes with an eyedropper when they are burning, and a saturated swab inside my ear canals when they are itching. As an aftershave treatment I pat on 40 PPM, this also works for me on itchy scalp. I was a little reluctant at first until I saw it work for myself under a microscope. I placed a culture of algae on the glass and watched the little animals wiggling. Then I used an eyedropper and added a few drops of 40 PPM silver to the culture, in less then ten minutes all movement stopped. I have not turned blue and am very happy with the results."

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3. Colloidal Silver - Research & Discoveries

"Colloidal Silver - A Healthy Silver Lining"

By Dhyana L. Coburn co-author of "The Wonders of Colloidal Silver" email:

Colloidal Silver is still in the news. Nature's alternative to antibiotics kicks butt. It is a modern day NATURAL "wonder drug" that kills bugs, germs, nasty beasties, as well as the evil super-germs. Research shows it to be effective against HIV, Streptococcus-A, gonorrhea, Salmonella Typhi, cancers, chronic fatigue, yeast infections, sinus infections, gum disease, and hundreds of pathogens and ailments. Research continues to exhibit positive results on testing of a variety of germs. The colloidal particles progressively diffuse throughout the blood and give prolonged therapeutic response. Thousands of people enjoy the benefits of using colloidal silver. The CS healing potion is used both internally and externally. It is a tremendous benefit to apply CS to wounds, body piercings, and skin eruptions such as acne. It can be applied to eyes and other delicate mucus membranes with no irritation because it is extremely gentle and doesn't sting.

How Does It Work? Colloidal silver kills invading microbes by dissolving an enzyme that metabolizes oxygen of primitive organisms. This process is an electrochemical reaction. The cell can't breathe, then suffocates and dies. That's why it works on all types of germs, including the super-germs. Metallic and chelated minerals carry a positive charge, but colloidal bioelectric minerals carry a negative charge. Therefore, another way colloidal silver inhibits germ growth is that the negative charge on the colloidal silver clusters binds up with the positive charge on the pathogen. This causes an interruption of the biological function of the organism, which then cannot reproduce. It fizzles out. Voila, no more germs. What does this mean? For one thing, it means that we are fortunate to have available to us, at a very nominal price, a germ killer that is completely safe. It empowers us to get off of the antibiotic merry-go-round that is so popular, yet disturbingly over-prescribed. It means we have a choice. We have a healthy alternative. With proper cleansing, herbs, and natural healing, everyone can be free of disease - without drugs, and without spending a fortune. We have hope.

Intestinal Flora & Fauna: Former teacher of physics and chemistry, Howard Mitchell of Virginia, recently conducted a series of experiments with colloidal silver. He found that CS has no effect on acidophilus, the "good bacteria" found in the stomach. Mitchell used concentrations forty times higher than what might be expected to destroy other forms of bacteria. It shows that even in large dosages, the intestinal flora will flourish. In fact, there is speculation that the silver ions may be advantageous in stimulating a vigorous growth of beneficial bacteria, helping to boost the immune system. This is good news! ...

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4. Colloidal Silver - Chat & Message Board at Yahoo!

The best way to get your colloidal silver questions answered is to go to the Colloidal Silver Club at Yahoo! There you can interact with others who are sharing their experiences on the message board or in the chat room. Also you'll find photos, a calender of events and useful colloidal silver links!

5. How to Buy or Make your own Colloidal Silver

If you are looking to buy colloidal silver or make your own with a Colloidal Silver Generator go to the colloidal silver Merchant Directory located at

There you will find a comprehensive list of all the well known merchants who sell colloidal silver.

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