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I was told by the attendant at the gas station
where I get gas that their computers went down
this morning. They have to call in by voice all
the information from the pumps. This was sent
automatically before. I mentioned that they probably
put new software in their computers. He said "Exactly"
They have to work out the glitches. He said it would
be hard to do this every morning.

I think I'll get a few more gas cans.

-- spider (, December 08, 1999


Yeah, might get a locking gas cap for the car, too.

-- (formerly @nowhere.zzz), December 08, 1999.

At last! Knew it was bound to hit. A few days back I came home from some shopping and getting gas on my card at Chevron, when I absently took the receipts out of my pocket and glanced over them, I noticed that they all had the computer print out of the date, time, location, clerk number, items purchased, amt., of gas, type of gas, etc., etc.

Can anyone tell me that all of these chips have been corrected and "fixed" so that they'll be able to talk to the main computer for the company involved?

Just as you've pointed out, the chip don't work, the machine don't work. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Indeed, I am going to pick up a few more 5 gallon plastic gasoline containers and fill 'em up.

-- Richard (, December 08, 1999.

Good luck finding gas cans now. Our Wally World doesn't carry them any more.

-- helen (, December 08, 1999.

Big freakin deal. Im currently working part time at night at a conveinance store and we still call in orders. It takes all of 5 minutes if that to get pump info for the company. As if its hard to read the ulage off to whoever is on the phone.

It ain't rocket science.

-- Village Idiot (, December 08, 1999.

Well have fun calling in when everyone tries to top off their tanks at the end of the year.

-- (normally@ease.notnow), December 09, 1999.

It seems a bit late to be installing and "debugging" now isn't it?


It's starting ....

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (, December 09, 1999.

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