i need to know what the raven means

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i am supposed to re-write the ending to the raven and i dont understand the poem. if someone could p;ease explain it to me i would greatly appreciate it, i know im asking alot.

-- Anonymous, December 08, 1999


the raven means "mournful and never ending remembrence" i found this in a biography about poe while i am working on my research paper if anyone has any info on how poe uses symbolism in the raven and annabel lee please email me ASAP

-- Anonymous, January 19, 2000


-- Anonymous, May 02, 2001

Larry, if they are such morons then why don't you contribute an answer.

-- Anonymous, June 17, 2001

I suppose (I said I supposed) that this poem isn't to be appreciated at his own value. That it's the most famous one, not the best. That he needed money. N that u had a bad grade, coco... My last sentence wasn't an assumption, but a fact. How much did u get? Honestly...

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2001

I disagree with you all. I think it is a wonderful poem and I don't think we should judge, or try to find things in it which aren't there. Poe and only Poe can know for sure what he meant to write when he wrote it. Take out of it only what it holds for you. I don't think it can be 're-written' because it will be ruined. I do agree that it is not his best but I don't think it was written just for the money. Being a poet myself, I know that a poem cannot be rushed or forced and the Raven definitely was not. I think all of Poe's poems have magig in them, and they all hold something very special. When I read them I can almost feel Poe in them, because he did put himself into them.

-- Anonymous, July 18, 2001

hey like i need to know what the raven means... i need it to do a report on Poe... so plz tell me ASAP!!!

Thanx Amanda

-- Anonymous, November 03, 2001

There are many symbols in the raven. I can tell you that the raven was symbolizing that of a regular bird meaning not much inteligence. It said that the raven sat on the bust of Palas, or god of knowlage. There is many contemplation about where the bird came from. I believe that it came from a depressed owner that taught it to say nevermore. Poe in this poem is saying that he will never be happy again because of a lost love. He will forever be trapped in that room with that bird that won't leave. This is my opinion, and I have studied Poe for many a year. There is one thing I can tell you, Always have your own opinion and be open to others. There is no right way to interpret a poem.

-- Anonymous, February 03, 2002

The raven is a bird from the cartoon alice in wonderland it means to explode

-- Anonymous, May 20, 2003

it was him expressing his sorrow for his dead wife Elenor jackasses

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2004

in the raven the speaker is lamenting about his lost love lenore..he never says how lenore died..b ut is is said that he actually killed lenore which is the same scenario in the story "tell tale heart by Poe...death...and the raven being a large ominous bird of the crow family represented his guilt and lonliness because it is said that he killed lenore...and now he is alone and feeling the guilt and the raven only makes him feel more guilty....he wants the raven to leave but the raven stays so he must be content to live in lonliness and guilt and the raven only reinforces is sadness and grief..there are many themes to the raven...loss and recovery...age and time...and grief, guilt, loss love, and i feel that the speaker was somewhat deranged...he was in the process of going crazy with this very deep feeling of guilt of killing lenore...so thats my opinion...i have studied it as i am an high school teacher of literature..thanks if you want more i have more...chrissy

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2004

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