**Heads Up! Clinton will impose Martial Law on Dec. 28, anyone (especially in Michigan) can verify this meeting with FEMA

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Clinton will impose Martial Law on Dec. 28

I would not be surprised if this is true. They won't dare do it on or before christmas. Then I hear a special foreces guy said the Feds may have a hard time closing all highways, bridges within 45 minutes, maybe 72 hours after declaring martial law. If you have not left town, pack up by the 27th with enough gas. Get all the maps and AAA tour book you need with telephone numbers of all the cities. That way, you can call up the towns ahead of you to see if the road ahead is blocked, assuming the phone works. I think they will control the major cities first. What do you think? Can someone call to verify this news?

Please hotlink


Dateline 12/1/99 4:00 PM EST

What's Going to happen on Dec. 28th?

"An hour ago I was at a meeting with people from FEMA as well as others. With what I have learned over the last 6 months of research and what I know of the issues involved, all of which I have been telling you on my radio program (WGTG 5.085, Sunday, 11 PM EST) every week, what I have been saying is the truth about what is in store for us and the world

1) I explained that the recent FBI report, Project Migedo was written by the ADL and SPLC and that this report was not written by the FBI. This was the same response that I gave when I appeared on Fox News with Paula Zahnn and the spokesperson for the Chiefs of Police International and the FBI. It had been reported to me on several occasions that certain people in this country would be picked up between December 5th through the 8th and, because this meeting that I attended was being held in the basement of the Sheriff's Dept., I told them that they could arrest me now because I was already there. The mere fact that they plan to close all highways to main cities and not allow anyone in or out tells you what they think of us in their plans, which plans I told my listening audience about 8 months ago when the plan was revealed to me. Also, project Mad Max was discussed at this meeting which many of you may not be aware of (this is where they will pick up certain black leaders in various communities across the country).

2) Clinton WILL declare a national emergency on December 28th. This was CONFIRMED(Emphasis mine). One official, in private, said that the federal government is not telling us everything and they're not happy. They DO plan to close all highways to main cities and not allow anyone in or out.

3) Let me explain that a most startling revelation came out during this meeting, from a Col. Lixey of Los Alamos Labs. They have uncovered information that the Russians have developed a genetically altered DNA virus that has the same symptoms as Anthrax but will kill all males between the ages of 19 and 45. This virus leaked out of the Russian lab and was 100% fatal in that local area. If a pregnant woman is exposed to this virus she will not die, but her child, if male, will only live to age 19.

Pretty scary!. My only concern is whether or not this was really developed by the Russians or, if you have read Don Scott's book "The Brucelosis Triangle", if it could have been developed by us. In any case it does not look good for mankind.

Please pass this far and wide so that as many people as we can get to will understand the truth. Maybe we can persuade them to get prepared. Thomas R. Wayne, XO Michigan Militia Corps, Wolvelrines (the REAL ones)

-- Watchman (watch@foryou.com), December 08, 1999


"It had been reported to me on several occasions that certain people in this country would be picked up between December 5th through the 8th"

Well, me and everyone I know is still here, so guess this guy is nuts.

-- impala (impala@wild.com), December 08, 1999.

Pretty selective this virus. But on the bright side, I am over the dangerous age, and available for duty to serve some of those lonely 19 - 45 year old women.

-- goldbug (goldbug@mint.com), December 08, 1999.

Who's radio show?

-- Hokie (nn@va.com), December 08, 1999.

i went to the rumor mill website and i am pretty open-minded, but alot of the "rumors" seem way out!! and i do believe in chem trails. however, the fact that the NWO created hurricane floyd and the statement regarding the stock market crashing on oct 15??????!!!

i did find one piece of truth. they talked aobut the NWO being split into factions that are struggling with one another. that seems very true.

-- tt (cuddluppy@nowhere.com), December 08, 1999.

Watchman's post is ridiculous. A doomer-impostering chain-jerk. Viruses do not have age-trigger timebombs in them.

The real TimeBomb is still Y2K.

It's the CODE that is the enemy.

-- sheesh (loop@dela.loopy), December 08, 1999.

Well I am in Michigan! I don't think that I have been picked up, at least not by the government. In my opinion this is a fine piece of creative writing.

I have always come to this website to learn about Y2k. How is it that many recent posts seem to be totally absurd? We are running out of time folks. Let us use the time left to prepare and ask worthy questions! Just my opinion.

-- Ruth Edwards (REath29646@aol.com), December 08, 1999.

After reading some of the BS on this page I now understand why y2k is not taken seriously.

-- Richard Shocwave (vision441@aol.com), December 08, 1999.

Ruth: Do you like to mudwrestle?

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), December 08, 1999.

A doomer-impostering chain-jerk. Uh huh. Wanna guess how long it takes before this is cross-posted at Debonkers as evidence of doomer insanity? I give it less than 5 minutes...

-- (TrollPatrol@don't.now), December 08, 1999.

Watchman, thanks for making this place even weirder than it normally is.

Sysop, if you can spare a delete, please use it here.

Thank you and goodnight........

-- hamster (hamster@mycage.com), December 08, 1999.

Yes, King of Spain I do mudwrestle. I just can't type as you told me the other day!

-- Ruth Edwards (REath29646@aol.com), December 08, 1999.

Watchman: This info sounds like some Fed BS that they are going to use to try to scare the hell out of people and get them to stay in their homes and not interfere with anything the feds are doing. We have been expecting them to fake a poison gas situation and this may be it. That way the American people cower in fear while the feds impose a dictatorship.

-- laylow (laylow@don'tgothere.com), December 08, 1999.

This rumor is obviously a disinformation/smear campaign against militia movements and their sympathizers.

-- Laughing (Laughing@SmearAttempt.Com), December 08, 1999.

"They have uncovered information that the Russians have developed a genetically altered DNA virus that has the same symptoms as Anthrax but will kill all males between the ages of 19 and 45."

I bet some of our Feminist organizations would love to get their hands on that stuff!

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), December 08, 1999.

I was willing to consider this until the virus stuff--sorry. Ruth, what a compliment. KoS, she's miffed at you.

-- Mara (MaraWayne@aol.com), December 08, 1999.

This virus scheme is just plain stupid. I checked that url, and the irony is the BS there is even worse than this post. The contents have the imagination and sophistication of 12 year olds! Guess some writers couldn't make it in the real world, so try to draw you to their BS site.

-- Hokie (nn@va.com), December 08, 1999.

Whew!!!!Just had my 46th birthday, guess that means I'm safe. Ladies; I'll be taking reservations from those who want some male companionship after the Russkie Anthrax strikes. I'll be accepting resumes from those between the ages of 19 and 19 and a half.Guess I better add a couple cases of Viagra to my preps!!!

-- Alfred E (What@MeWorry .com), December 08, 1999.

Anthrax is a bacterium, not a virus. The differences between anthrax and a virus are INCREDIBLE! And of course there are no microorganisms that are able to act in an age-dependent fashion. This is simply because virulent(disease-forming) microorganisms inflict their damage on relatively constant structures/biochemical processes (i.e. mucous membranes, blood/brain barrier, neural synapses etc; these do not change with age) Now I will concede that if you had an organism which could exploit and damage age-dependent biochemistry like growth hormone levels, testosterone, estradiol, etc. then that could select against an age group as you claim.

Dr. Jack

-- Jack (mercer@usa.net), December 08, 1999.

But we read it on the internet so therefore it has to be true.

-- Butt Nugget (catsbutt@umailme.com), December 08, 1999.

Hey, you sure you weren't watching the X-Files on FOX tonight? And are you sure that by saying FEMA, you don't really mean 'the aliens among us'? Doomers always look for the hidden meaning behind things like that. Oh, and I think my next door neighbor may be an alien, and I think he's stockpiling beans.

-- Bad Company (johnny@shootingstar.com), December 08, 1999.

Dr. Jack

While I believe little if any of this rumour, in theory you could design a virus or bacterium which places a ricin-like compound under the transcriptional control of an androgen responsive element. That would wipe the men with highest androgenic signaling first. Probably this would mean the biggest and most physically able men of fighting age. Of course you could treat this virus with Casodex or (gasp) castration or maybe even Propecia but... Anyway, I'm sure this is the dream of a few extreme radical feminists but I hardly see why the Russians would want to do this.

-- coprolith (coprolith@fakemail.com), December 09, 1999.

Anybody who believes this load of rotting rubbish should be offered some exciting ocean-front property...in Peoria!

-- Irving (irvingf@myremarq.com), December 09, 1999.

Oooh, that virus sounds really clever. Way beyond anything we can create on EARTH. Must be... alien involvement. Suddenly it all becomes clear!

You sad, sick whack job. There are still new people joining this forum. Thanks for telling them that there's nothing to worry about, because it's only paranoid freaks who are concerned about Y2K.

-- Servant (public_service@yahoo.com), December 09, 1999.


How does a virus "know" someone is 45 as opposed to 46, hmmmm? Humans don't have rings you can count, like trees. Is the virus so advanced it can locate our birth certificate and read the birth date?

Get well soon...

-- Ludi (ludi@rollin.com), December 09, 1999.

Its quite obvious that the 'virus' is the writing itself. It infects the gullible and kills what is left of their ability to think. Some people are emotion addicts. Fear can be addictive, you know. It is a form of egotism. It is also a for of group control. Read it for what it is..propoganda to inspire those who fear others who have some power.

-- ..- (dit@dot.dash), December 09, 1999.

That Russian virus sounds like a typical half-baked commie attempt for a solution. It needs to be revised to be from puberty to 99, and be spread worldwide. Parthenogenesis is the world's only long-term hope.

However, being a selfish male (pardon the redundancy) I don't wish them luck with it.

-- Gus (y2kk@usa.net), December 09, 1999.

I agree, this post is ridiculous. However, the anthrax epidemic in Sverdlosk in 1979 (?) which was caused by an accidental release from a biological warfare facility did preferentially affect adult males for some reason.

-- Ned (entaylor@cloudnet.com), December 09, 1999.

To who have posted earlier

Do you wish to comment/dispute this article on the shadowy history of FEMA?


So you disagree with the virus part or that part, but as an open-minded individual, has any of you bothered to check and call up this guy in Michigan? Can you guarantee martial law won't be declared on Dec. 28? I'm not here to defend the virus theory or Watchman, but do you notice he was only asking a question to verify this piece? I want to give people the benefit of the doubt rather than judge their motives? Should people call you Disinformation agents trying to cover-up this "news"? No. No one knows for sure. We shall see soon. Hopefully, this article is incorrect.

There was much talk recently that the chemtrails are really some vaccine that target only the white race. Some bacteria/virus are known to attack mostly children below certain age. With so much research going on, no one knows what they have perfected. Who would have thought of the tremendous surveillance abilities of NSA? Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to criticize that we don't know. Dr. Len Horowitz theory that Aids was created in some Lab in Maryland area and if you have not heard him speak and read his book, you'll think he's nuts But no scientists has dared to accept his invitation for a debate and strangely, no lab, vaccine manufacturers have sued him. Here's the link to Horowitz's startling, documented book, " Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola "594 pages. http://www.tetrahedron.org/Products/prod02.htm. Are any of you virologist and what's your credential? At least I majored in public health.

-- Jennifer (Jenfp34@hotmail.com), December 09, 1999.

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