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It seems like every other journalist writing about Y2K tries to include the thought:

'Y2K nuts say planes will fall out of the sky',

and then tries to refute that 'prediction' in an effort to "prove" anyone seriously worried about Y2K is a fool.

How do you react to the 'planes will fall out of the sky' line?

I stop reading the article immediately.

-- Richard Greene (, December 08, 1999


But.... if you listen to the John Whitley/Jeff Rense interview, he did some checking on why England has set up temporary morgues all over the place... why??? In case... you guessed it... planes fall from the sky!

-- Linda (, December 08, 1999.

There were no problems on 9-9-99. Therefore (by inductive reasoning), Y2K will be NO PROBLEM.

Get it?

-- Dennis (, December 08, 1999.

Anybody who tries to support the arguement that "planes will not fall out of the sky" is:

Uninformed - they already have during the Air Force Y2K Flag exercise at Nellis. Crashed 2 F15s.

Not and engineer or geek - either one would want to see the relevant hardware and software before making claims about what it will or will not do.

Not bright - they are trying to "prove a negative" logical impossibility.

and perhaps a liar - lots of spinners out there.

Stop reading as soon as I get to the phrase and discount everything said before.

-- ng (, December 08, 1999.

As I recall, Senator Christopher Dodd always harped on the scenario that planes would not fall from the sky. Always irritated me, too. To retaliate, I envisioned a Thanksgiving Day Parade with a Senator Dodd balloon that fell from the sky, creating havoc (no injury.) I guess I am weird, but it always brings me comfort to focus on that image and laughing instead of getting irritated. My self-manipulative head game may work for you as well.

-- weird (, December 08, 1999.

They ain't gonna fall because they ain't gonna take off. (Hint: check the space shuttle.)

-- Skywatcher (letthemfly@theirown.risk), December 08, 1999.


I guess yo are right. Public and media is focusing on "easy to see" and "catastrophic" results. All this prediction will hopefully not come true. But have you ever tried to present a reporter HOMER's fact about embeds? Have you ever tried to tell people about repercussions in financial systems with some (only my stupid) thoughts?

Snip from current thread:

<<<<< Back to the more interesting things here. I don't think that the Deutsche Bank or simular companies are at risk. I know some inside stories about thier tight relationship with IBM, DELL a.s.o. and their bundled ability to fix failures.

Of risk are the SME's and the small banks. Remember, Herstatt was a small bank with only some 100,000 of customers.

IMO we will see lots of small banks breaking down due to risky loans from chapter 11 bankrupcies of SME's during the first quarter '00.

This is what Gartner Group is stating. This is concludent with all analysis from EU authorities, insurance co's a.s.o. AND for the US, Japan, Australia etc. it will be the same.

RESULT ?? Lots of unemployment. Former employees loose the ability of paying back mortgages and loans and dredit card bills.

RESULT ?? Real estate prices will drop again (like it did some years ago). Mortgage financed stock positions will be not longer backed up by real? values. Some more banks will break. Stocks will be sold in panic.

RESULT ?? Interest rates will raise for standard customers as NEW money won't come in for financing the bubble economies debt. Stock evaluation has to be recalculated (You know about the repercussion of raising interest rates)

BTW: Diane, can you provide the forum with the thread "370,000,000,000 USD are enough..." where the NY FED's liquidity options have been discussed. THNX!

RESULT ?? While very very few of the currently (Feb '00) bankrupt co's have been mission critical suppliers for the fortune 500 some of them will have to face a decrease of earnings, others will not. Interest rates are jumping up and down day by day and the DOW co's will have to reduce their earnings expectations due to dincreasing interest rates (fair warning by SEC).

RESULT ?? DOW, NASDAQ, CAC '40, FTSE 100, DAX, a.s.o. will loose point by point. THIS WILL EAT UP LIQUIDITY !!!!!. >Interest rates will increase more and more. Some more SME's can not pay this high interest rates and KABOOM. Some few will hurry to buy gold. How stupid. Gold isn't needed that much in todays production. Gold hasn't an interest rate.

This is an very optimistic scenario without encountering oil, gas and transportaion shortages. If due to some (more or less local and more or less short) power outages some of the farmers's silo functionalities will die the dead of emb sys we see an immidiat increas of food prices + increase by higher transportaion costs + increase due to lower imports of fruid and veg's.

Again, this hasn't taken into account the possible break down of machinery equipment due to bad power quality. So it doesn't need a banks bankrupcy to blow out some very few but needed SMW's business.

>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<< Media has never handled stuff like this. Impact on my and your live will be..


-- Rainbow (, December 08, 1999.

It seems to me that planes fall out of the sky on a regular basis (EgyptAir ring any bells). Why should 1/1/2000 be any different?

-- me (, December 09, 1999.

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