Who Can Make Me a Custom VCD?

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Is there a source for custom-made VideoCD's from VHS tape (including copyrighted material, just want duplicates of films never available on VCD for home use)? At a realistic (i.e. consumer, not corporate) price? I do not have the technical expertise, equipment or time/patience to burn my own copies, but I do love the convenience of the format.

Would someone out there with the required equipment be willing to copy some tapes onto properly formatted VCD's for use with both a Panasonic SL-VP30 player and a PC running the Xing MPEG player?

Thank you in advance for any assistance, Brian.

-- Brian Clarke (briandamage@airstream.net), December 08, 1999


Have done VHS to VCD successfully, What can I help with?

-- Reeses (reesesh@earthlink.net), November 23, 2000.

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