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Interesting. The writer references Y2K NEWSWIRE, but this sure ain't the famous "39 Questions"...

The Valley Independent: Officials stressing need for individuals to prepare for Y2K


Emergency shelters have been established and will be opened if necessary. However, Stillwagon emphasized that residents should have a supply of medications, food, water, blankets, pillows and personal items with them if they have to go to a shelter.

"There's no feasible way we can supply those things for everyone in the event of a mass casualty," said Stillwagon. "Everyone is going to have to pitch in."

While shelters have been established, individual preparation is recommended. Stillwagon asked that residents check on their neighbors and use the buddy system.

"More than likely, if power fails there will be someone in the neighborhood who doesn't have alternative heating. Invite them in," said the emergency coordinator.

If residents of Monongahela, Finleyville and New Eagle have any Y2K questions, they can call Stillwagon at 724-258-2842.

If you want to know how your community is preparing for Y2K, you can call you elected officials. All residents are entitled to review the emergency plan for their area.

In the meantime, there are things residents can do to prepare for Y2K or any emergency. The following material has been offered by Y2K Newswire in hopes of promoting widespread safety during the Year 2000 rollover.


Be aware that firing up a generator and plugging it into your home wiring can pose a serious danger to electrical line workers. If you use a generator, you must use a safety disconnect switch for your house, something that must be installed by a competent contractor. otherwise, don't plug the generator into your house at all: simply plug the devices you wish to run right into the generator.


Storing gasoline is especially hazardous due to the relatively low flash point, combustion temperature of the fuel. Do not store more than 10 gallons of gasoline in your garage and always use approved gasoline storage containers. Use extreme caution when transferring gasoline from storage containers to your generator or automobile.

Heating and Cooking Equipment

Be aware that burning any fuel indoors may create a dangerous atmosphere due to the lack of oxygen and presence of combustion by-products. Do not use any flame indoors. If you are forced to burn something indoors, make sure your home is well-ventilated to allow fresh oxygen to enter the areas. Never leave an open fire unattended, and don't let children play with indoor fires.


Do not rely on candles as a backup light source. Candles may cause fires. Instead, use flashlights.

City Water

You may not want to drink the city water on Jan. 1. Waterborne illness may not become evident until 24 to 48 hours later, when people start to get sick. Instead, rely on your stored water supplies until at least 72 hours have passed.

Also: be aware that certain failures in water treatment facilities can cause potentially-lethal oversaturation of deadly fluoride.


Many homeowners are relying on firearms as an added home safety precaution during Y2K. It is recommended that all firearms owners, especially first-time owners, practice the safe storage and operation of such firearms. Do not store the firearms within reach of children. Make sure all adults in your household are familiar with the safe operation of firearms.

Prepare for Disruptions

Perhaps the safest thing you can do is prepare for disruptions. When you are prepared for disruptions, they will not harm you and you won't panic.

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), December 08, 1999


This might be the best piece of journalism about Y2K prep that I have seen. Great post. Thanks a lot!

-- Irving (, December 08, 1999.

Yep. One wonders why report like this now? This should have been done a long time ago. Instead you're usually labeled as a "crackpot" if you prepare.

-- Larry (, December 08, 1999.

There have been numerous precautions posted about the use of flame in the home for cooking. We have cooked on a gas stove for years and intend to continue after Jan. 1. If the power fails, we can still cook.

-- Hull Stetson (, December 08, 1999.

Maybe Gary North isn't quite mainstream yet. But as he pointed out long ago, the things that were once labelled as "crackpot" are becoming more and more mainstream.

-- Duke 1983 (, December 08, 1999.

I know the writer. She is most definitely a GI. She does not work for the newspaper, however; she is a freelancer who convinced the management at The Valley Independent to let her write a weekly article on Y2K, since the beginning of 1999. (The idea had been turned down by another local newspaper.) In those circumstances, she can only do so much. Indeed, I suspect that a lot of reporters would like to cover the story much more responsibly, but publishers and editors won't allow it.

See also Whispering "Fire". ...

-- Lane Core Jr. (, December 08, 1999.

Thanks for the support, especially the response who says he knows me. Yes, he's right, I've been writing this series since January. We're not a national publication, but we cover a good portion of southwestern Pennsylvania. I can honestly say that because of what we've printed elected officals have been kept on their toes, at least those who care at all. I made a promise to those who don't -- in the event they are caught off guard and anything happens in this area for which they are unprepared, I will see to it that voters in the individual communities won't forget when it's time cast their votes. No matter what the personal opinion of elected officials, they have a responsibility to their residents. An I aim to remind them of that at all times.

Y2K is just the beginning. Again, thanks for the support. There are some of us journalists who've been out there all along.

Joanna Blair

-- J. Blair (, December 08, 1999.

Ah, a "fifth column" within the Fourth Estate. Excellent! Keep up the good work!

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), December 08, 1999.

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