Stan, I read your fourteen days of preps months ago and used Walton foods to place an order. I checked with them prior to my order and was assured that the turnaround for cans was two weeks. Well, to make a long story short, no order, no notice, no nothing!

The service has been shoddy and at times flippant. Although I have repeatedly and politely requested confirmation, no follow ups have been made on my behalf.

I would recommend that Walton foods be dropped from your prep list and others warned of their shoddy business practices. Does this sound harsh? Well, it grows pretty late and I'm tired of the runaround.

-- Ynott (, December 08, 1999


Go to I bought all my Y2K preps from them. No complaints and they're fast!

-- freddie (, December 08, 1999.

Thanks Freddie, I'll give them a look see. Oh--- with all the children screaming this morning, I screwed up the name...

THAT'S WALDEN FEED, FOLKS! Don't order from them.

-- Ynott (, December 08, 1999.

I sound like a gibbering idiot.....I guess you can tell how angry I am about this whole thing...sorry.

Walton Feed.

I guess I just want to put them out of my mind, so I keep screwing up their name. There is no time to get another delivery here and I am very upset. They seem unable or unwilling to help and completely oblivious to their obligations.

Forgive my ranting. I feel the pressure of the deadline looming and it is getting to me. I must go out today and see if I can improve my preps...I had counted on that order weeks ago. It's on its way now has such a hollow ring to it. Fortunately, I am pretty well prepared anyway, but that order would have made my family a whole lot more comfortable.

Thank goodness for Mom! She sent me some of the same stuff and I didn't have the heart to tell her that I'd already ordered it. What a relief that I now have some of it anyway. God moves in mysterious ways. Sure wish I had it all though.

Again, forgive my ranting.

-- Ynott (, December 08, 1999.

The reason that Walton Feeds can't deliver is they have been swamped with orders and having been working on a back log of orders since at least Sept. of 1998. The fact that they are in Montpilier, Idaho doesn't help either since they don't have a large base of shippers to chose from.

Now if you want stuff in cans this won't help, but if you want sacks of grains and other items try but please note that small orders of grain (under 500# or 200#), the shipping is more expensive per pound. Orders over 1,000# or 2,000# have a very low shipping cost per pound.

-- Ken Seger (, December 08, 1999.

Yikes, I ordered seeds from them! ***Okay, my fingers crossed, cheeks tight, toes curled...***

-- Hokie (, December 08, 1999.

My dad placed a food order in 1997 from Walton and it took two months. I placed a seed order from them in 1997 and it took six weeks. They screwed up that order and I had to call because the guy said he lost my order. Good luck trying to get supplies now.!!!!

-- (, December 08, 1999.

I and friends ordered several items from and they shipped the same day. Gary North had posted on his web site that if you mentioned "be prepared" and called in your order they will give you a 50% discount. I have tried the food and it is excellant quality. They also have the url

-- Andre Coltrin (, December 08, 1999.

I've had very good service from:

Emergency Essentials - 1-800-999-1863 - - 165 S. Mountainway Drive, Orem, UT 84058-5119

Also, got orders from Walton, happily without incident. They are a very popular company and have lower prices. They have been working very hard to get caught up.

-- snooze button (, December 08, 1999.

I have stuff from emergency essentials too. They were not swift, but they were timely. They also kept me informed and did as they said they were doing. They knew where my order was or why it was being delayed.

Walton on the other hand, has been very blase about the whole thing. When they said they would be shipping the "next day"....(several weeks after the order had been placed and AFTER my call), I e-mailed them the next day and asked if it had been sent. They said, "I believe it has! Have a great day!"...I waited three weeks and still nothing. I sent another e-mail and they said they thought it had been sent. I asked if they had checked after my e-mail as I requested and they said, "No"....they just ASSUMED it had been sent. Well I DIDN'T! That was why I had a follow up e-mail.

Now they say I can call the cannery....yeah, right, from Italy...without a clue as to who ships or invoices, tracking numbers, etc.....very useful...

Y'ALL HAVE A GREAT DAY TOO! That's a nice thing to say when you've been helpful. It sounds very sarcastic when you have refused to get off your duff and perform your job as requested.

Sorry, I rant again. I knew the bags were back-ordered. They said their cans were not. I took them at their word.....sheesh....They pulled a Klinton on me......yech...bad taste in my mouth.

-- Ynott (, December 08, 1999.

At least they didn't go bankrupt and leave you in the lurch, like the poorly-named company "Peace of Mind Essentials" did to many.

Some people are looking at closer-to-home alternatives to purchase their grains and dry legumes. For example, there may be a local health food stores or organic food suppliers in your immediate area who are able to turn around an order in a week.

Of course, any order now is definitely a risk.

-- Sara Nealy (, December 08, 1999.


I never ordered from Walton Feed myself, but I remember reading horror story after horror story as far back as a year ago and more, on the GN forums about orders hanging in limbo indefinitely with Walton coming up with every excuse in the book and more, and continuing to take orders full tilt.

The overall impression I got was that, knowing full well why people were ordering, Walton was completely irresponsible in that they continued to take orders that were way beyond their capacity to fill in a timely manner. And they were practically impossible to reach (this I know first hand, as I tried to inquire about some things); If someone was lucky enough to get through, many times they were apparently lied to and or treated with callousness. In fact I don't recall being more infuriated with a company I essentially never directly dealt with.

Disclaimer: Again, this is just hearsay, but it's something that came up often enough, with credible enough postings, that I believed it.

I've stopped all mail order at this late date, but this is one of the very few companies around that I'll never make the mistake of dealing with, assuming Y2K will turn out ok, but it most likely won't, so the point is really moot now.

Sorry, I guess just needed to vent. But Ynott, I really feel for you.

-- eve (, December 08, 1999.

Well, everybody, we are pretty well caught up and have been for over a month now. We did take three weeks to get this woman's order out the door. Since we've been telling people for quite a while that things are going out in only one week much of this criticism is justified. Anyway, the order did go out on the 20th of last month. Why doesn't the owner have their stuff yet? Where they live, it takes @ 4 weeks to get delivery.


-- Al Durtschi at Walton Feed (, December 09, 1999.

Yes, Al, thank you for responding to my e-mail. Your assistant was somewhat less than helpful. As I sent you in a previous e-mail, I do indeed live in Italy. Of this, you were aware. All I asked was whether it had been shipped...I never got a straight answer on that until this morning.

Again, I thank you for your assistance in clearing this mess up. I look forward to receiving my shipment in the near future. I also appreciate your apology for taking so much longer in processing my order.

I promise to post an equally large thank you on the net when it arrives.

Thanks again.

-- Ynott (, December 09, 1999.


I'm curious. Living over there in Italy, isn't it really expensive to have to order food all the way from the USA? Can't you get food there? Maybe the local shortages have started already, and it's not getting reported. Good luck to you.

-- Just Wondering (wonder@wonder.wonder), December 09, 1999.

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-- Just Wondering (wonder@wonder.wonder), December 10, 1999.

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